The Artist in Studio
TOM CASH was an artist, an actor, and a writer who devoted most of his life to producing works of art. Born in South Carolina in 1935 and raised in East Tennessee, he earned a BA degree from East Tennessee State University in 1957.  He lived and worked primarily in Tennessee and Washington, D.C., moving to California in 1998.

A cousin of Johnny Cash and Tommy Cash, Tom started in television as "Tommy Ringo" host of an afternoon variety show in Johnson City, TN. He quickly became a local celebrity, making public appearances and starring in regional theater productions and live television dramas.
In Nashville while at Vanderbilt University he appeared in many theater productions, winning awards for leading roles at Circle Theater and the Tennesee Center for the Performing Arts. His final role on stage was with the Irvine Community Theater in Irvine, CA. 

In addition to making art and acting Tom worked as a Writer and Senior Editor for many years at National Public Radio and Vanderbilt University. 

Now, his body of work–-from large-scale oils and acrylics to small watercolors and pen-and-ink drawings--is being released gradually by his estate to the public for viewing and purchase. Discover the work, and contact us with any questions or comments. 


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