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Artist directory :: TOM CASH ART

Tom Cash's art works are representational, abstract, surrealistic, and sometimes highly detailed. They reflect the artist's journey through American life with humor, theatricality and occasional naughtiness in a unique portrayal of the human condition.



Thomas E. Cash 
Tom Cash Art is the official site offering the works of Tom Cash for sale and licensing. Descended from the same South Carolina family that produced Johnny Cash and noted writer W. J. Cash, Tom received a B.A. in Fine Art from East Tennessee State University in 1959. His work includes fine pen and ink drawings, large- medium- and small-scale works of imagination, and an eye for the pathos and absurdities of life, many drawn from his southern roots. Equally at home in his art studio, on stage, and at his writing desk, Tom's life was devoted to the creative endeavors represented on this site. Although he was more interested in making art than in showing or selling it, his works hang in several collections in the eastern U.S. Now, the hundreds of pieces that...


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Pauma Valley, CA 92061
United States


Tennessee Collection A native Tennessean, the artist produced early paintings and drawings in east Tennessee before moving to Nashville. During his years in Tennessee, Tom Cash appeared in many theater productions, films, and as "Tommy Ringo," host of a daytime children's show.
Kansas City Collection The works created during this time reflect, in part, his contacts and friendships with faculty and other practicing artists at the Kansas City Art Institute.
Washington, DC Collection The artist lived and worked in Washington, DC for many years. This period was marked by the onset of severe bipolar disorder. During manic periods the artist produced large, bold works at a breakneck pace, often working for 24-36 hours without sleep.
Katonah Collection Works created during the mid-to-late 1990's when the artist lived in Katonah, NY. During this time he was being treated for severe depression.
Southern California Collection Works created during the time the artist lived in Southern California, 1998-2008. During this time, he also worked on an autobiography until his death in March, 2008.
Cash Animals 18 items
Cash Celebs 19 items
Cash Country Country-themed paintings and drawings.
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