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Acrylic Acrylic
I enjoy working in acrylic for its versatility - layering thin washes like watercolor, dry-brushing like pastel, or building up texture with knives and brushes...  Each piece is an experiment in new technique. 

Watercolor Watercolor
Watercolor is a challenging medium for me, but I am slowly learning to let go of control and enjoy the serendipitous nature of the medium. 

Pastel Pastel
While I don't paint with soft pastel as often as I'd like, seeing the pure pigment shimmering on the surface of the paper is a pure joy.

Miniature Miniature
Artwork that are less than 4" on each side.  Miniatures are fun to paint, and they can be the test ground for larger pieces, too.

Water Soluble Oil Water Soluble Oil
This is my latest adventure. Though it took a while to figure out how differently this medium behaves as compared to what I'm used to, I enjoy the challenge and new opportunities it offers.