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I don't think I ever noticed "Sunset Creek" before. It is beautiful. When did you make it?
-- Michael J. Coleman, 3/25/22

Mark KertzmanWonderful work!
-- Mark Kertzman, 2/28/22

"Windswept" is absolutely stunning. One of your best works ever! "Flower Still Life with a Watch" is an excellent study of a masterwork. Really well done.
-- Michael Coleman, 1/13/19

Are Brouage Memories, Dance in the Summer Breeze, and Another Day new, at least to me? Excellent! I especially like Brouage Memories - its strength is in its confident simplicity.
-- Michael Coleman, 10/23/17

Nice new additions! I really like New Life and A Morning Gift. The Last Piece makes we want to go off my diet!
-- Michael Coleman, 5/23/17

Your newer artwork is beautiful, just like the rest of your art! I especially like your "Tracy Arm Fjord" painting - it reminds me of the Alaskan cruise I took last year.
-- Merrilee Spaeth, 1/9/17

Very impressive work!
-- Floyd Ormsbee, 12/29/16

I am also liking Nocturne and One Cloud, Two Cloud ...a lot!
-- Michael Coleman, 12/23/16

I love the new artworks, especially Sunrise over Mansfield and Winter Can't Last Forever!
-- Michael Coleman, 2/23/16

I love the new additions!
-- Michael Coleman, 7/4/15

Tomomi Very impressive. You are both an artist and engineer
-- Tom Buchal, 6/25/15

Very Nice Paintings!!!
-- Sundeep Nag , 4/20/15

Your artwork is all so lovely and thoughtful, a reflection of who you are as a person. All of your hard work and dedication has paid off. We are all better off for your sharing your art with us!
-- Michael Coleman, 1/30/15

Great artwork! I especially like Tracy Arm Fjord and Lunch with Friends.
-- Rich Coan, 12/30/13

Great Paintings! I liked the caption 'Artwork by an Engineer Artist'!
-- Ravi Murthy, 10/15/13

Tomomi ! This is exciting ! How did I not know you were an artist? Your word is amazing and I look forward to seeing it exhibited. Love, Sherrill
-- Sherrill Musty, 8/16/11

I love your paintings!! Wish you a great success at the show at Basin Harbor Club!!
-- Wilson So, 8/16/11