"In artist Vern Scharf 's world, dogs drive cars and ride skateboards, cats dress up like Beethoven and football heroes, and desserts, pizza and cheese are as glorified as a Vargas pin-up..."  --Andi Matheny,  examiner.com

A look at the whimsical side of life and the world. Art painted in Santa Cruz. Art that usually starts out with a smile. Small scale paintings with fine French acrylics on stretched canvas. Personal-sized art. Art designed to bring into a kitchen, the dreaded cubicle, a bath, or a home office. A window to escape to another world. 

Some subjects include: What do dogs dream about? Is that cat looking at me or thinking about tuna? The excitement and perils of love. Dangerous Cuisine. Studies of local lighthouses, sailboats, even flying eggs and bacon from the Planet Cholesterol! 

Each designed to take your eyes off the current moment. Personal sized art for personal spaces.

To see our wearable art and merchandise of some of these paintings visit www.cafepress.com/vernscharf_art

Thanks for looking and enjoy!


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 Vern Scharf • Santa Cruz, CA
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