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Love your stuff. I mis my visits to The Club Tomato
-- Allen "The Log", 2/28/21

Wonderful color - really catches the liveliness of animals and surrounding.
-- Jane F , 5/27/20

Incredible! I love the animals, the play on words in the titles and the joy I had laughing through your gallery! Your cars are so good! You give me inspiration! Deede
-- Deede Edele, Artist, 3/15/19

A few years back Vern and Cindy, without hesitaion, generously granted persmission to ( to use your art ("Driving Dachshund on Pacific Coast Highway" and "Speeding Weeners") for our fur-ever ongoing campaign in pursuit of Transportation Volunteers. Signing in to say “Thank You!”
-- Merritt Jones Schnorenberg, Aadr.Org Volunteer, 11/20/18

I love you guys
-- Sandra Larmour, 10/18/18

Vern, I'm proud to say I own six of your pieces ( and a 7th literally in the works) and each one brings such a smile to my face! I was originally drawn to your doxie painting but now especially loving the two paintings you've done of my German Shepherds! Thank you for bringing so much joy and humor to the art world!
-- Melissa Swick, 7/22/18

Hey Vern! I still have your Santa cards!
-- Kevin O’callaghan, 5/7/18

your art is awesome and your humor the best
-- Charlotte Von Segesser, 8/24/16

I found this while looking for your address. I have always been a big fan of your art
-- Brenda Neal, 12/7/14

So very cool... I always look forward to seeing what's new.
-- Allen, 12/9/12

I don't have a pet, but these paintings are fabulous!
-- Giles, 10/5/11

love your work...bought two pieces this month! Are you only in one gallery in capitola, or where can I see more?
-- Karen, 1/1/11

As always, your art brings smiles and humor to the world!
-- Cindiana, 10/11/10

I love your sense of humor. Makes me think maybe I could lighten up a bit, myself. I've been taking myself far too seriously lately! Thanks! h
-- Heywood Williams, 8/15/10

Your art is so fun. I particularly love the Doxie art. You have obviously been owned by a Doxie - the car full of tennis balls. Love it!!
-- Www.Rebeccareeder.Com, 4/5/10

Munky WrenchI dig your art... rock on.
-- Munky Wrench, 3/12/10

Great website - it's a lot of fun! The cats are my favorite! Liz Sartori (Jobes) (Shirley's youngest)
-- Liz Jobes, 11/13/09

nice family name, another painter in the family..... smile daniel scharf of san clemente, calif. painter/artist
-- Daniel Scharf / Painter, 5/2/09

Vern, Jan just gave me my second Vern masterpiece. I can't tell you how much joy they give me each day... I have them on my desk and look at them often with a smile. I have always admired your talent and look forward to my bday and xmas cards each year. You and Cindy are the best, love you guys. Tell Cindy "Cecil" says hi. :)
-- Alan Greene, 3/22/09

Vern has been a long time friend, and amazing talent. But I like him most because he has never shot anyone in my family.
-- Joe Murray, 3/13/09

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