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Hi Adrrain- LOVE your work. Look forward to meeting you in September on my return. Thanks for calling me back with your website info. regards, wendi
-- Wendi Biemer, 6/4/16

I'm very impressed, Adrian. I can of course see my brother's influence, but you are more confident in your use of colour and it adds a very positive and attractive dimension to your work. Well done.
-- Barry J Shance, 2/22/15

Your work is beautiful
-- Deborah, 2/23/14

Absolutely beautiful painting of Gib from La Atunara - huge sky, calm space, very very inviting.
-- Julian, 6/24/12

i love your work, you inspire me.
-- Busby, 1/11/11

Beautiful work a great job on all your canvas !A terrific collection of piece's.I'm glad to have found this site , would like to hear what you think,take care.
-- James Lasenby, 3/12/10

Adrian - it's taken me a long time to register. We have the delight of your tree diptych of Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro on our lounge wall. Perfect. do let Jeanette and me know about any future exhibitions in the Southern Spain area. Many thanks - Michael
-- Michael James Weston, 10/23/09

Felice CiprianiGreat work and so much of it...Bravo. cheers Felice
-- Felice Cipriani, 10/21/09

Hallo Adrian, Marine-Bilder, Landschaften und Stillleben - wunderbar gemalt! Mein Kompliment! Gruß, Rose-Marie
-- Rose-marie, 10/21/09

you are the best i like your paintings regards gino
-- Gino, 8/6/09

Love all the recent work, particularly love the work called "Alley"....will be saving up to buy it when next in Gib!
-- Julian, 3/17/09

Hi Adrian, I've been looking at your work a lot in the International Artist... i am really intrigued by the way you are able to simplify the landscape so beautifully almost turning it into a mosaic of abstract shapes. I love your's very strong in colour and design. I've just spent an enjoyable hour browsing on your website, where i was able to view more of your wonderful work. Thanks!
-- Sally Chupick, 3/10/09

Amazing! I love the geometric lines in your work
-- Gretchen Kiessling, 3/2/09

Your colours are either stirring or calming - always evoking emotion. The compositions are perfectly balanced. These are really special paintings. I want to eat them ;)
-- Elizabeth Pink, 11/4/08

David DorrellVery nice work. Strong and vibrant, exhibiting excellent drawing and painting skills.
-- David Dorrell, 9/23/08

Very moving and beautiful work, loved viewing it even on this site, would love to in original! Best regards.
-- Yanka And Altan, 8/19/08

Sherry fasinan sus obras d'arte. sus colores y estilo son fantasticos!! Mira las mias tambien.
-- Sherry Solow, 7/19/08

I really like your work. Love your colors. Stunning and not cartoonish. Not afraid to paint a wall like Hopper. Found your work in International Artists.
-- Joel Thornton, 5/10/08

Good to see you are still doing such beautiful art work.
-- Susie Osborne-rigby, 5/8/08

love your work .hope to see more soon .
-- John Fletcher, 5/5/08