Original art from $50 to $850
Here on these pages you will see an assortment of my artwork, I am not committed to any one medium, nor style. I draw with pencil, pen and ink,
paint with oils, acrylics, or watercolors, or carve on a piece of wood. I do
whatever moves me at the time. I create images to satisfy my need to do
 so without giving any thought to it's monetary value, or even it's salability.
    I do it for me. and if someone else likes it, that's great , but it is never the
intent of my efforts.


The artist community of Zhibit.org laments the passing of Anthony J. Cuban. We are keeping this website online as tribute to the memory and life's work of Anthony J. Cuban, RIP.

 Anthony J. CubanEl Cajon, CA619-579-3615