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Artist directory :: ANTHONY J. CUBAN


Anthony J. Cuban 
Born and raised in the early thirties and forties in the inner city of Pittsburgh Pa, then leaving for the West coast in the early fifties in the US Navy, I finally settled in the San Diego Ca area , where I raised my family and devoted myself to my work, and my art. I now work primarily in acrylics. I have drawn, painted, carved, and assembled projects ever since I was a child. I paint what I like to , at the time that I paint, without regard as to whether or not it would be a saleable product. I would rather paint what I like than to paint what others like, and if it doesn't sell...... that's too bad. I'll find a place for it on the wall of one of my family members homes, or a friends. I use bold, vivid colors, and strong lines to define my feelings...


Artwork 89 items
Real Places or Things These are places or things that actually exist somewhere, and this is my vision of them


Art and Poetry
I enjoy writing poetry to accompany my art sometimes..see my poetry at Poetry.Com under the name of Anthony Cuban

Tony Cuban aka Anthony J. Cuban
Try this exercise in creativity. Draw several random lines on a piece of paper, don't try to make anything with these lines. Make them strictly random. Now....

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