We love your work. You were a kind, patient inspiration to me. I will miss you. Your friend, Rory Muldoon (LJAA Member)
-- Rory Muldoon , 2/12/10

Enjoyed your site very much,great work!
-- James Lasenby, 2/9/10

Wayne Hosaka Sr. great stuff Tony! I love your philosophy on creating your art work. Doing artwork may not fill your pockets but it will nourish your soul. I see you like owls too!
-- Wayne Hosaka Sr. , 8/22/09

Awesome to see your work online. Keep creating, Unc!!
-- Jenn Carr, 4/30/09

Hello,tony,this is mona,new member of LJAA, I read your all artwork and your art history,love your work,see you soon in the exhibition. www.yequeen.com
-- Mona, 4/7/09

The artist community of Zhibit.org laments the passing of Anthony J. Cuban. We are keeping this website online as tribute to the memory and life's work of Anthony J. Cuban, RIP.

 Anthony J. CubanEl Cajon, CA619-579-3615