Artwork has always been a gift for me, but I pretty much stopped doing art when I entered the work world. A few years back, just after the 9/11 attack, I was given a commission to create life-sized sculptures of fraternal twins. I was thrilled... and I was terrified! Sculpting was something I had done when I was in college. Could I still do it? The answer was yes! And better than anything I did 20 years before. Life had honed my heart and opened my soul to better allow the art to come through. The limited edition, "A Day at the Beach" is the sculptural composition of those fraternal twins with their poodle puppy. 

All of the other sculptures shown on this site are limited edition pieces that I created after those boys. I am ever grateful to the parents who gave me the challenge of doing a commission of their boys for them. It opened the door for me to start being an artist - not just a kid doing what came naturally. 

I hope you enjoy perusing my art - each piece is listed a few times to show different views. Please let me know if you would like to see more images of these items and I will send them to you!


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