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Wow! Would like to see your/you're art in person! Get more of a sense of your/you're pieces, hobbies, and interests! Good Work! Would like to comment on your art... ":) :D!"
-- Ross, Thackeray Gallery, Ceo/founder At Lnl, 3/30/21

Would like to see your art in person! Get more of a sense of your pieces, hobbies, and interests! Good work! Would like to comment on your art... ":) :D!"
-- Ross, Thackery Gallery, Ceo/founder At Lnl, 3/30/21

-- Nelda, 7/10/19

You are truly an amazing artist!!
-- Jeannie Devos, 12/20/17

Great Work Ms. Zappoli
-- Jose Breaux, 12/13/14

Beautiful to see so much of your work! Love you!
-- Zoa Easterling, 4/6/13

Ciao, Annì!!!! Complimenti. Umberto
-- Umberto, 3/20/13

keep me up to date
-- Carla, 6/22/12

Ciao, Annì!! Un caro abbraccio. :-))
-- Umberto Sciuto, 4/14/12

Ciao Zia Anna! Your website is beautiful, just like your art. I hope to see you again in this lifetime!
-- Margaret Jenkins Colangelo, 3/20/12

It was a joy to see your work! Powerful these shadows, rich colors and themes that accompany you.
-- Blaize Mekinna, 2/29/12

E' sempre un piacere immergermi nel tuo mondo. Ciao, Annì! Un caro abbraccio. Umberto
-- Umberto Sciuto, 11/11/11

I am a huge fan !! I look forward to all your work. The passion is palpable in your work.
-- Marilyn Tate, 8/3/11

Great work Anna! As you know, I especially liked the butterfly series- but found so many more that I've never seen before. Bella Luna!
-- Dan Camp, 7/11/11

wooooohooooooo...bang bang bang bang
-- Conrad Mecheski, 7/4/11

Complimenti, Annì!! Quanti bei dipinti!!
-- Umberto Sciuto, 7/3/11

Hi Mom, I love you!!!!!I love your art! See you soon, Your Poochie, Nickie?!!!
-- Tim Jenkins, 6/29/11

bella Anna! I love your work! congrats on the new website, it's phenomenal! all those works seen together is powerful as are you, and sensuous as the earth....
-- Ellen Dieter, 6/29/11

Still loving the work after all these years.
-- John Brodie, 6/28/11

Love the originality and the unique quality of your work!
-- Jan, 6/28/11