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Hi Barbara, I met you at Fairfield State Park. Finally getting to view your work. You are to modest, you are very talented! Pam
-- Pam Davis, 3/14/23

Barbara, Hello! Enjoyed looking at your gallery website. Good job. Talk with you later.
-- Luther Williams, 12/8/22

Your art blows me away! I am awed and joyful just looking at it!
-- Renee Wrenwood, 9/5/21

Simply love any artwork of geographical and natural features in the US
-- Claire Jacob, 11/18/19

Luv your work Barb and hopefully some day we will meet again!
-- Lyn Baldwin, 8/7/19

Beautiful work!!!!
-- Mary Jane Weatherman, 1/6/17

Enjoyed your work, when is your next exhibition
-- Macarthur Lewis, 6/3/16

What a unusual venue to place delicate flower such as a rose. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. I love it and think of the symbolism it creates. Thank you.
-- Lyn Baldwin, 4/6/16

You know I love it all!
-- Kathie Ruiz, 4/6/15

Laurie Paris GarverEnjoyed reviewing all your work here, especially your new prints! Hopefully see you tomorrow! : )
-- Laurie Paris Garver, 2/25/15

I love your site
-- Brian Young, 10/12/14

So cool to see the "Pilea" pastel painting in it's Botanical Exhibit online!!! Thank you so much for giving it to me, friend. ~Angela
-- Angela Williams, 8/19/14

Love all of your work! Looking forward to seeing all your new additions!
-- Kathie Ruiz, 9/8/13

Which one is the NEW print??????
-- Lyn Baldwin, 2/21/13

Hi Barbara! Great meeting you at the Burridge workshop!
-- Greta Olivas, 8/27/11

Love your work!!
-- Julie Kornfeind, 8/3/11

So Wonderful to enjoy your artwork! I love your gift, you are so talented!
-- Nancy Norris, 7/18/11

Barb, Love the Pink Peonies. Very pretty.
-- Lucy, 6/20/11

Stunning work!
-- Melissa Clark, 6/7/11

I love your site Barbara!
-- Karen Karnuta, 12/8/10

Original art by Barbara Dubovsky