Something New


Something New!
I will be trying 3D art for the first time.  This could lead to ceramics, or sculpture of all kinds!


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You are so multi-talented- I am in awe
-- Carol Davis, 9/6/18

Favorite artists


It's interesting to browse online galleries and watch YouTube videos created by other artists.  My favorite watercolor artists are Joseph Raffael, Birgit O'Connor, Leslie Redhead, and Shirley Trevena.,,


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Endless Possibility


I am bursting with inspiration!  I have a long waiting list of paintings to be done.  Watercolor has become an obsession.  I can paint for 8 hour stretches and wish I could do more.  I have more Grand Canyon scenes in my head.  I have floral compositions waiting to blossom on the blank paper.   Ladies in crazy hats are dancing thru my head while serene waterscapes calm me down!  I'm getting choosy about paint brands and brushes.  Watch out kitties - your tails look like excellent paint brushes.  (just kidding).  And that brings to mind pet portraits, etc. etc. etc....................


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I've surprised myself.  Didn't think I would actually like painting with watercolors.  It's an amazingly versatile medium.  Hoping to get better at this every attempt.  I now do one large piece per week.


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Local Art Venues


It seems that municipalities are all getting into the act!  Art attracts crowds and crowds eat, spend money, etc. etc.  Good for the local economy!  McKinney for example invites local artists to show their work at several venues on a repeat basis.  Their farmer's market features an artist each Saturday as well as inviting other artists to be on site showing their work. The second Saturday of each month, the old courthouse in downtown McKinney is surrounded by artists demonstrating their talent and selling their artwork.  Frisco has encouraged visual arts for many years with Art in the Atrium - a long running exhibit held at the Purifoy government building.  Now Plano has impressive plans to encourage the arts in its downtown area which has been revitalized with upscale restaurants and condominium complexes conveniently located near the dart rail station. 


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I love everything you paint. I am so excited that you are going to show some of you outstanding work at our little gallery in Rains County in November and December. Call me  l
-- Lyn, 10/12/15

printmaking again!


Summer Spirit (drawing for dry point etching)
I was able to audit a class and will have access to to an etching press.  Love seeing my longtime artist friends and finding out what they are creating.  We really do feed each other's creativity.  Doing still life in watercolor class.  I am such a beginner with this medium!  Loving it though and I can see the possibilities.  

This is my preliminary drawing for Summer Spirit.  It will be a polycarbonate engraving (monoprint).


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Infinite Possibilities


It's already 2015!  I never run out of new things to try in the world of art.  Next I will be trying watercolor for the first time.  I'm excited about the possibilities!

My new technique begins January 20th.  I will not be doing printmaking any longer due to no access to a press.  Getting an etching press for home use is not always practical due to size and cost.  Also working with acids and oil based inks requires a type of workshop area that I don't have.   I enjoyed the opportunity to learn the printmaking technique and had really begun to enjoy copperplate etching.  To see my body of work, look at the printmaking gallery. 


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Original art by Barbara Dubovsky