Basic shapes sketched in.   Dividing line delineated for table and background space.

More detail added to basic sketch.  Beginning to establish value using hard pastels.

Begin using soft pastels at this point.  Lay in color and value on left side of composition.  Determine which direction light is coming from. 

Continue shaping and adding values to leaves and flowers always keeping in mind the direction light is coming from.

By now flowers and leaves have the general color established but need more shading and adjusting of petal shapes, leaf shapes.  Add shadow area to vase and begin working on the reflection and fallen petals on the table.  Begin adding wood grain and color to table.  Deepen the background color.  I wasn't happy with the center flower.

Add details to the vase.  Continue adding highlights where needed to create depth.  I used a spray fixative to enable me to add more layers of pastel.  Enhance the reflections and wood grain.  Dark grain lines cross through the reflection creating depth.   I rubbed off and reworked the center flower.  Adjusted highlights, color and values on all the leaves.  Deepened background color again. 


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Original art by Barbara Dubovsky