Nest with Feathers
Nest with Feathers

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Limited edition of three.  Copperplate etching printed on white paper.  Print #1/3 available.  Image measures 9" x 9".  Price includes frame and matte. 

The image is based on previous work done in acrylic paint on canvas.   Plate was covered with resist and feathers laid over the soft ground and imprinted. The ground was hardened and based upon a thumbnail sketch, the image was freehand drawn into the hard ground.   A first etch was done and a trial proof.  At this time, the background was very plain and light but I was satisfied with the image.  To create richer shading, aquatint was applied after stopping out the feathers and some of the twigs.  Another etch and state proof.  At this point there was not enough contrast between the image and background, so I burnished and scraped much of the nest twigs.   I stopped out the feathers and twigs and etched for another 30 minutes and did a state proof.  Still needed more contrast between the image and background so I did more intensive burnishing and scraping.   Did another state proof and was satisfied with the results.  At this time, I printed the edition which includes an Artist’s Proof.   Used white printmaking paper and black etching ink.  Each print dated, numbered and signed by the artist.

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Original art by Barbara Dubovsky