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Blessing_Day 2_Afternoon
Since a while I changed a bit around and added some more Artworks to my site. Please have a look.
My latest new uploads are Blessings under the Gallery ~PAINTINGS & DRAWINGS~WEBGRAPHICS~ For each single day 3 blessings for a 7 days week. Enjoy!


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I have always been making art the one or the other way.
Much of what I accomplished you can see on my website.
My website is where I store almost everything, unless it would be so bad
I would throw it into the trash! That can happen too. But to 99% it doesn't.
Each piece I store on my website has been ripened and developed to that
point, that I can say: it is done.   
Unfinished works, there are many however,  you won't find on my site.  
You'll find a collection of my art put together, which I have been creating
over years in all forms and varieties on the path of learning and training.
Out of one or other reason I couldn't finish on some of my started works,
but are all saved up, nothing goes lost.
Sometimes I pick up even after years to complete one piece of those
unfinished examples, like the one below<Backyard Tree>.
I  started in 2008/9 but got to be finished finally in 2014. It was quite a
journey  in my life until I even wanted to pick it up again.

However, doing art is something you do not non-stop. At least not I by
all means.
I do art in intervals. The times of doing art are less longer compared
with the times when I am busy with other things in life.
To be a full time artist does not mean you do art until you fall tired
into bed.
The times I do art can also vary; sometimes it is already early morning
that I am so inclined, more often afternoon and often also evening and
It depends on my own nature and because I am not really a early bird,
my creativity inflames most in the later hours of the day and also evening
and nights. It also depends on which season of the year we are in,
but none of them hinder me to go for my passion at all.

I do my art mostly when I am at home, but I attend also art classes, because
it is a great possibility to motivate yourself to go out with your art, out of your
own 4 walls so to speak. It is very giving to each other to do art in a group. It
has also a very therapeutic effect, but in another way than when you sit
all by yourself.
Light days are the best days for me to be creative and so is summer better
than winter
I discovered that also in winter my creativity goes more to sleep then in
summer. I guess it's natural bound. To avoid the winter sleep I attended the
last couple of month an oil painting class.
When you do not each day art  it can happen, that everything else you do
otherwise, takes too much over from the time you would need to take out
for to do art. That is actually a huge problem, if you don't know how to step
back into the flow, into your flow of creativity.

All too often you find yourself disconnected to your own art, because the
time you weren't creative was building up a big gap into the flow you once
were in.
What to do about that?

It is actually more easy to say it, then really to do so!

First of all, you got to overcome whatever it can be, what want you to
hinder to do what you got to do, related to your inner urge of motivation
and imagination, and start on over again, or also pick up where you left.  
Also I really think  in making art, you have to listen to your inner voice
telling you:

JUST BEGIN! you got all time, just take it and do it!

What can hinder me or divide me from the love to do art which the
Creator, Elohim of all Yisra'el put into me with the talent?
Actually NOTHING.

He gave the talent to me with the love to use it.
That applies in painting, drawing, any other forms of art and in a
wider spectrum, away from art making, in all areas of life.

The phrase use it or loose it comes to my mind and certainly speaks
some truth; but from my own experience, when you really have this
or that passion, the talent, and the skills learned meanwhile, then you
will never get that disconnected, and so the chance to loose your talent
over a long time period not doing anything with your gift, is very small.
I do not really think it would be possible, unless you would quit forever
However, you just don't improve as much you could, if you practice your 
talent less often, but when practicing every day you'll become more a
master of your passion.

I am in such a phase where I have been away too much from my art.
There are many reasons why, but no reason not to return.
I need to get back to my flow, using my inner inspiration and motivation
and start living it out again on the paper or canvas.
To overcome,  I have to overcome my weaker self.

What is also distracting is that my interests go way beyond making art.
I am so often with something else busy  which I am passionate about.
It is therefore good to schedule a certain time of your day,
when you are sure you would love to make art. And then do it!
However it needs also discipline to stick to your schedule.
Another help is just think you going to an art class and you do not
want to miss out on that, because it is also always fun to create
in a group of people, but so also when you are alone. Doesn't it?

It's easy to follow up a schedule, when you have set up with other
people to make art together, but it needs much more discipline,
when you are all by yourself.
It needs the whole you!                                                                                         

Don't say: ok tomorrow I will really start ...


Happy painting!

See you later, I got to go...
Welcome to my Blog :)
Please leave Comments below and tell me, what your trick
is not to avoid your art practice. Thank you.

blessings ~ Brachaim

Backyard Tree

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