Please visit my New website and if you desire you can buy there my original artworks and also make print-outs after your liking.



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I have always been making art the one or the other way.
Much of what I accomplished you can see on my website.
My website is where I store almost everything, unless it would be so bad
I would throw it into the trash! That can happen too. But to 99% it doesn't.
Each piece I store on my website has been ripened and developed to that
point, that I can say: it is done.   
Unfinished works, there are many however,  you won't find on my site.  
You'll find a collection of my art put together, which I have been creating
over years in all forms and varieties on the path of learning and training.
Out of one or other reason I couldn't finish on some of my started works,
but are all saved up, nothing goes lost.
Sometimes I pick up even after years to complete one piece of those
unfinished examples, like the one below<Backyard Tree>.
I  started in 2008/9 but got to be finished finally in 2014. It was quite a
journey  in my life until I even wanted to pick it up again.

However, doing art is something you do not non-stop. At least not I by
all means.
I do art in intervals. The times of doing art are less longer compared
with the times when I am busy with other things in life.
To be a full time artist does not mean you do art until you fall tired
into bed.
The times I do art can also vary; sometimes it is already early morning
that I am so inclined, more often afternoon and often also evening and
It depends on my own nature and because I am not really a early bird,
my creativity inflames most in the later hours of the day and also evening
and nights. It also depends on which season of the year we are in,
but none of them hinder me to go for my passion at all.

I do my art mostly when I am at home, but I attend also art classes, because
it is a great possibility to motivate yourself to go out with your art, out of your
own 4 walls so to speak. It is very giving to each other to do art in a group. It
has also a very therapeutic effect, but in another way than when you sit
all by yourself.
Light days are the best days for me to be creative and so is summer better
than winter
I discovered that also in winter my creativity goes more to sleep then in
summer. I guess it's natural bound. To avoid the winter sleep I attended the
last couple of month an oil painting class.
When you do not each day art  it can happen, that everything else you do
otherwise, takes too much over from the time you would need to take out
for to do art. That is actually a huge problem, if you don't know how to step
back into the flow, into your flow of creativity.

All too often you find yourself disconnected to your own art, because the
time you weren't creative was building up a big gap into the flow you once
were in.
What to do about that?

It is actually more easy to say it, then really to do so!

First of all, you got to overcome whatever it can be, what want you to
hinder to do what you got to do, related to your inner urge of motivation
and imagination, and start on over again, or also pick up where you left.  
Also I really think  in making art, you have to listen to your inner voice
telling you:

JUST BEGIN! you got all time, just take it and do it!

What can hinder me or divide me from the love to do art which the
Creator, Elohim of all Yisra'el put into me with the talent?
Actually NOTHING.

He gave the talent to me with the love to use it.
That applies in painting, drawing, any other forms of art and in a
wider spectrum, away from art making, in all areas of life.

The phrase use it or loose it comes to my mind and certainly speaks
some truth; but from my own experience, when you really have this
or that passion, the talent, and the skills learned meanwhile, then you
will never get that disconnected, and so the chance to loose your talent
over a long time period not doing anything with your gift, is very small.
I do not really think it would be possible, unless you would quit forever
However, you just don't improve as much you could, if you practice your 
talent less often, but when practicing every day you'll become more a
master of your passion.

I am in such a phase where I have been away too much from my art.
There are many reasons why, but no reason not to return.
I need to get back to my flow, using my inner inspiration and motivation
and start living it out again on the paper or canvas.
To overcome,  I have to overcome my weaker self.

What is also distracting is that my interests go way beyond making art.
I am so often with something else busy  which I am passionate about.
It is therefore good to schedule a certain time of your day,
when you are sure you would love to make art. And then do it!
However it needs also discipline to stick to your schedule.
Another help is just think you going to an art class and you do not
want to miss out on that, because it is also always fun to create
in a group of people, but so also when you are alone. Doesn't it?

It's easy to follow up a schedule, when you have set up with other
people to make art together, but it needs much more discipline,
when you are all by yourself.
It needs the whole you!                                                                                         

Don't say: ok tomorrow I will really start ...


Happy painting!

See you later, I got to go...
Welcome to my Blog :)
Please leave Comments below and tell me, what your trick
is not to avoid your art practice. Thank you.

blessings ~ Brachaim

Backyard Tree

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How I Price My Work


The dead do not need your donation anymore.
I actually play no longer the game of let people donate for my art ;if they like it and want to have a certain piece they can get it for a donation, sometimes I make suggestions for the minimum amount and sometimes not at all. That way I never have a bad conscience to have over or under priced. And I feel good about it and it gives me motivation to come with more art.out. :)

I love arts and I do arts since why not let me help you in your search for the right painting, or computergraphic to download  to your Computer to print out on colored paper, cards, t-shirts , cups etc. There is no limit set for mutiple choices ...OR have an Original painting decorate your or someone else home.
My website http://www.zhibit.or/bms gives you a clear overlook of my collected art pieces ~ There are all originals and most of them are labeled with suggestions for DONATIONS. Yes you hear right. It is your choice how much you want to donate when you come over the suggested amount!

Please contact me over my contactform on my website or also write me an e-mail.

Every amount you donate will be used for future art projects, so I do not run out of resources to create new art.
Please make your donations over PayPal, a secure and easy way.
 Shoot me a note and let me know which piece of art you like to possess, as original or print out, either way!
All images For PRINT OUTS only are not bound to the general minimum donation amount . You can acquire each original for print out only  for $10 whether it is a painting, drawing or Computergraphic.
It is a one time amount for 1 original and you can make as many copies as you like of it. Remember, there is no limit set for to print your shirts or coffee cups or any other item you like to have my art on if you donate $10 for each original to print it out to your satisfaction.
So why not have a look which art piece you would like to donate for and let me know which one and how you want to use it:

Many many Thanks to those who have been donating to my cause so far!!

May you all have a beautiful month full of sunshine and joy in your heart to be a blessing as much as you can!




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Dear Friends,

It was said before that the WinterSale will end 31st December 2016 valid for all paintings and drawings so far.

prolong my offer for all paintings & drawings until last day of  February 2017!
expand my offer also onto my Computergrafics with Scripture verses.

May you, my dear art friend, be looking forward to download some wallpapers or make print outs for anything else you like my art to be printed on, for also
50% off
the usually donation offer for each print,
from $5 to $ 2.5o.
PLUS  (still plus!!)
if you donate $10 you can do 7 print outs.!!

Is that a deal? $50 off everything plus a bonus of 3 more print out for $10.

!! Please keep in mind to let me know over the web form which titles of the wallpapers you decided for...
 and I'll take the copyright sign out of it, so you will be able to make nice print outs without the copyright sign shining through your print-out. !!

May Yah, the eternal El of Yisra'el
bless you and yours with a joyous wintertime.

yours Brachaim

"This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”
- Henry David Thoreau



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Dear Art Lovers

It's wintertime and a good time to make inventory and see what you want to keep and what not may be...
or as I want to get rid of a whole bunch of my artworks to also get more room on my walls to hang new and future  creations.

Something to ponder, if you love bargains and want to make yourself or somebody else happy with Artworks of Brachaim.

That's your time to bargain my website!

Look around & surf my site.
See what you like to may be gift yourself with, your family  or your best friend. 

Take advantage of my offer:

Every item you see on my site is 50% off from the suggested donation amount.
(shipping cost stays the same; please see here: ).

The oil painting laughs at you above (Dahlie/dalia) can get yours for only $50.
Or the painting below (shalom-winterrose) you'll acquire now for only $30..

Think about it!
Where do you get~ just because it is you~ 50% off? Some give you may be 10% off or may be 20% off, but 50%?  that's really rare, isn't it?
Why not scarf up on this offer as long it's there?

All my artworks are originals and no dublicates, they are One of a kind!
So hurry up and nobody else takes advantage before you.

Send me your reservation wishes over the contact form and I'll  keep it at hand until after you made your donation on my PayPal  PayPal.Me/Brachaim

My offer is valid until the end of December 2016 (until 31st -12am/ midnight).


Thank you & Yah bless!



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Updated Webpage


Autumn Leaves
Shalom my dear Art Friends!

Hope this finds you well.
Just to let you know, I updated my page not only with new images of my recent works, but also with lots of new added text and color & design.
The summer special is now really canceled for this year, as for now you'll find donation amounts re-established under each artwork,( so far they are not available any longer to acquire).

Any way, you are welcome to donate any amount you like and are able to give. Just let me know over my contact page which piece(s) you are interested in,
for any amount is negotiable!


Don't forget to leave comments. It is also possible to comment under each Blog Entry.
Please bookmark my site and come and visit me here and there for to stay updated OR sign my guestbook, which will automatically put you on my guest list and you will receive my newsletter every 6th of a month. Please check if you put in the right e-mail address, otherwise you will not be approved !

THANK YOU & Shalom!
Have a colorful joyful fall season, be health y'all & have a great day!

✿░A░R░O░S░E░✿░ F░O░R ░✿ ░ Y░ O░U░
"I would like to remind you of the other two languages that all humanity shares - the secret language of silence - and the second language we all share is laughter."

—Artist Morris Graves


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Info about shipping costs


 As long the Summer Special is up,
there are no shipping costs for sending the artwork to you, whether within or outside the USA.
However, to make sure that I do not pay out of my own pocket to send the artwork of your choice to you, I will take a minimum amount for shipping&handling in future.
Please take this into account when making a donation also now meanwhile the Summer Special is up. Thank you.
The donation for the actually artwork is still up to yourself. Whatever you think my artwork is worth and you want to give is your choice as long as the Summer Special is announced. (So let me say, you choose a painting and want to give $40 you need to top it with the minimum $$ for shipping. $45 and more in that case.) 
Otherwise, from and with FALL 2016,
 I will be taking shipping costs for either way, inside or outside USA.
 For USA I think $8 are acceptable up to a size of 9x12 inches and what comes  over that, will be $10-20 and more, depending of the size of the artwork and it's packing.

Outside USA however, the costs to ship the artwork are horrendous high!

Therefore, for a 9x12 inch piece  $20 are appropriate. What comes higher in size will be $20-30 and more, depending how huge the artwork is and it's packing.

Please consider those prices to be included in the donation amounts I suggest under the year, when no Specials are otherwise announced!
All artworks marked with shipping free  right now, will fall under this confinement.

I will make changes from time to time and under each artwork I will exchange the free shipping statement with the new ruling, so it will be more clear for the visitors of my site what to take into account when making a donation.
This new ruling will become effective for all of my paintings and drawings this Fall, when the Summer Special runs out. 
Computergraphics however are exempt from this new ruling because no expenses for shipping are incurred.!

Thank you for your understanding. I hope you enjoy your summer as long it persists and also my Summer Special although the change !~ Shalom!


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I launched a new page to my website called: Brachaim's Artworks- Computergraphics & Scripture Verses.

This is the link to get to the new page:

Here you see works I combined with verses out of Scripture, partly arranged as computer graphics or also from original paintings.
These wallpapers are only for self-print out and each of them you can acquire via donation of your own choice until the very last day of this summer.
 You can make as much print outs you like! However it should be at least $1 for each self-print out.
This offer is only valid for these computer graphics with Scripture verses or other text.

This is a friendship deal and you should make use of that.

You can use  some of the images especially for greetings respective blessing cards to send to your friends for certain festive  occasions. You'll see how you can use it to your best.
Let me know which is your choice, image wise, and I'll take the copyright sign through zhibit out after I received your donation, so your download will be copyright free and not shine through the print out!
And now check them out.!
I will add more Graphics to this new page here and there, so come and check it more often out. :)

Hebr. 11:6

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Summer Special 2016


Donation of any amount for any artwork you choose!
This offer is valid through out this summer; today is the first summer day and my offer is valid from and with today to last day of summer.(9-22-16)!
The donations are for me to buy new material and also am I saving up money, for I want to start to attend an oil painting class, in some time regular every week. Thank you and Yah bless you for helping me out !
Have a beautiful summer friends :)

A song to the dog

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Please let me know if you like a picture and would acquire one.
I take no payments but

DONATIONS are very welcome!

Donations will be invested in material for new artworks and also can they help pay gallery costs and fees for art classes etc.

Are you interested to make a donation to acquire works of me?

Please let me know over the web form/contact page
for which art work (by name & category) you want to make a donation and I will send you my e-mail address (an e-mail), so you can send your donation onto my PayPal account (For that to do, you'll need my e-mail address).


I also appreciate your comments & critics about my art works. I appreciate always honest critics.

Please sign my guestbook
with your e-mail address and your comments.

You will receive my monthly newsletter with latest updates and info about on going or up coming projects.

THANK YOU! ~ Yah bless you


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My Webgraphics also known as wallpapers



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❀*•.¸¸.•*❀ ❀ *•.¸¸.•*❀ ❀ SUMMER BULLETIN 2015 ❀❀*•.¸¸.•*❀ ❀*


Dear Art Friends

 DIN A4 & Upwards

Are you searching for a gift for a friend?
Do you like some of my artworks so much that you want to purchase it to decorate your walls at home?
Why you not browse my website ... and see if  you find
something beautiful...then
PLEASE send me a note and let me know which piece of art you like to purchase,  so we can set up the deal. You can send me a note via my website as best, for I get notifications about it. Please leave also a comment on my guestbook , how you like my artworks, with leaving your email address to me so I can come back to you. Thank you! (You can also send me here a note and we make arrangements from here.  Just let me know either way~thanks!

Please go below PRICE CATALOGUE through.

My Artworks will be priced ac. the material they are done with.
And the Best is they will be
through out
JULY to through out SEPTEMBER 2015!

to make a The Deal to acquire a piece of ART for a


and let me know your choice!

(NO Sale on Computergraphics)
All DIN A4 Artworks, bigger & smallest

Watercolor: $20; bigger: $30; tiny formats: $10
Pastel: $ 30; bigger $40; tiny formats: $10
Oil: $ 50; bigger $70; tiny formats $20
Pencil & Char Coal: $20; bigger: $30; tiny formats: $10

This is my latest watercolor painting ~ Wind Blow~it is 12x12 inches. It on sale for $30


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Website update 2-11-15


the Father's heart


Dear Friends,

just want to let you now that tonight -2/11/15- I updated my Home page, About page and Contact page of my website at
Please check it out.

Thank you also for telling other people you know about my artworks and by giving them the link of my web page enabling them to have a look. I'll appreciate that very much.

Please contact me for pricing any time over my contact page if you like some piece so much, that you want to buy it. 

I have been starting another acrylic class this winter and hope to sell some "oldies" of mine to invest in new oil color& acrylics as well  canvasses.

The 2 watercolor paintings I added to this bulletin are for sale. The big heart of our heavenly Father I set up for $80, and the other one called Praise Yahuah for $ 150.
If you are interested to buy, please contact me.

To improve my skills and talents in oil & pastel I am still on a search for non-costly classes (best free), like the classes you can join at Path with Art for free, but they have only water color & acrylic or ink and charcoal classes.   Please let me know if you know something related.

Let me please also know if you like me to paint something for you especially - a portrait of you or your pet f.ex. Again,please contact me over my contact page for the reason.

Many thanks and more blessings~
yours Brachaim

"All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. All these aspirations are directed toward ennobling man's life, lifting it from the sphere of mere physical existence and leading the individual towards freedom."~Albert Einstein



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