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OIL OIL (29 items)
Brachaim loves oil colors. It is one  favorite medium to express herself exciting and powerfully.
The collection she displays here shows very clearly her way to paint in oil. She strove some time more and more to paint in heavy layers of oil paint,  a technique called impasto, giving the work a sculptural dimension and suggesting organic structures 'blooming' from the canvas.
It breaks down the boundaries between art and viewer. The paint becomes an almost living entity, a part of the experienced world which reaches out to us and strengthening the bonds between the self and the world we inhabit, symbolizing the relationship between the artist and her creation. 
The viewer is invited on an aesthetic journey through raw, thick, straight-from-the-tube textures combined with brilliant colors but yet present in their distinctive individual form.

PASTEL PASTEL (117 items)
Pastel is a beautiful medium combining drawing and painting. It enables you to make quick drawing sketches on the canvas, needs only very little preparation, whilst same time yielding the rich layers and depth of colours of paint. The result is outstanding  – not for nothing was pastel the favourite medium of Degas, Millet and Manet, frequently used by Monet, Chagall and Toulouse-Lautrec. This medium allows easy blending of lines and tones – and is very easy to correct  which is a mercy to beginners.
Brachaim prepares her panels, if she doesn't use pastel paper pads which are already prepared, like sanded pastel paper. The panels Brachaim uses are of carton; she simply takes the backside of any drawing/ painting pad; but she uses also wooden panels, which she prepares with acrylic paint in a color which would let her pastel colors "sing". Often she chooses a dark color as background to bring out more the shine of the pastels than when the canvas would be white. Basically you can apply any color besides white or black to your canvas and Brachaim adds acrylic paint to her primer so the pastel color later doesn't sink to much into the ground, what happens when choosing just unprepared paper. The Paper needs to have some kind of tooth or structure so the pastel color can stick to it and you can work in layers. 
Sometimes, for to receive a more rough structure for the surface Brachaim mixes wood shavings or sand into the primer.



Gouache is an often overlooked painting medium that blends the worlds of translucent watercolor painting and opaque painting mediums such as acrylics and oils.Most similar to watercolor, it can be thinned with water to produce translucent effects or applied without much thinning to produce opaque results.


In this Gallery you'll find lots of paintings which Brachaim painted in different medium, often are her favorites combined with a second or third medium, like watercolor with pastel or pencil, watercolor & pastel etc. It comes out of a mind to explore and create with several medium sometimes to gain a special effect which would not be possible in only one medium, or she wants to enter a new terrain to explore new possibilities. Brachaim's favorite medium are oil, watercolor and pastel, of which the last 2 ones can in some ways interact with each other.



INK INK (13 items)

In-/Out door sketches in graphite,coal & mixed media.

If you like one of these sketches, please contact me and make a donation for any of the sketches or also whole the book. Thanks.
Yah bless you.

BRACHAIM's Artworks - Computer Graphics BRACHAIM's Artworks - Computer Graphics (51 items)
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Brachaim's artworks  with Scriptural references.
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Diverse artworks inviting to seven ourselves on Yah's 7th day sabbath:          Let us rest from all  works, be in Yah's presence in praise & prayer, applying Yah's in gift's He has given each of  His children & study His word of Truth in depht. Baruach atah YaHUaH-HalleluYah!

BRACHAIM'S ARTWORKS~Paintings, Drawings&Webgraphics ~ © Brachaim

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