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BrachaimDear Friends, Thank you each and everyone for your wonderful blessing comments ! ~Please note that my newsletter will be send out from my main website: ~ and I will add you to the mailing list. Many love&shalom blessings to you! ~ yours Brachaim
-- Brachaim, 9/23/17

Thank you so very much for sharing your beautiful paintings, computer graphics and scripture verses with us. ANGELwingHUGS4U
-- Colleen Perry, 9/23/17

Thank you for adding me
-- Jacob Dilorenzo, 1/26/17

Admiring your talent to paint so beautifully unique.
-- Corette, 12/9/16

I appreciate your enthusiasm and vibrant use of color, as well as your love for the Creator which shines through your work. Keep on learning! P.S. You have inspired me to pick up my sketchbook again after a year's absence. Thank you and blessings. :)
-- Pat Hostetler, 8/19/16

What a beautiful collection of work Mikhaela - Your heart always comes through in your artwork and the colors you play with brighten the world. Congrats my friend!
-- Christine, 8/19/16

Bracha I'm so glad we are friends. And your art is a wonderful expression that comes from your uniqueness. I celebrate you and your Art!! Thank you for sharing with me☀️☀️
-- Tracey Bishop, 8/19/16

Liebe Mikhaela, Du hast durch Deine künstlerische Begabung etwas sehr Wundervolles geschaffen! Die Bilder sind so farbenfroh und machen uns die herrliche Schöpfung JHWH's deutlich.
-- Margot Knipe, 8/19/16

Your work is awesomely wonderful! Love the simple nature of it and your must have a ton of fun doing the work. I' artist without any real venues to things...
-- Michael Kohan, 8/11/16

I love your art, you have such a unique mix of techniques and styles that are all your own. I love seeing what you will create next! The world always needs more beautiful art!
-- Eve Mccarthy, 3/24/16

Wonderful Artist! I love your arts, they are very unique, like you are! May Adonai bless you and keep you and give you the desire of your heart!
-- Oxana Eliahu, 5/1/15

Wonderful paintings! Many blessings and Shalom to you! Love, Oxana
-- Oxana, 3/6/15

Keep up the beautiful artwork! :)
-- Ralph, 3/1/15

Looking forward to seeing more. Thank you for sharing your gift and talent.
-- Promoters Of The Arts, 2/14/15

So enjoyed looking at your art. I also paint
-- Marlaine Iserson, 1/18/15

Nice work !!
-- Eido, 12/1/14

....good interpretations ~ will see about commissioning your talent in a rendition of NarrowGate
-- Michael Couroyer, 11/21/13

Beautiful artwork. Do you you paint with a knife? Check out my paintings. Http://
-- Lucille C Valentino, 4/14/13

Beautiful! and with a unique eye and style.
-- Janet Cothrell, 4/2/13

It is so nice, beatiful, peacful!. And the main thing is it is posutive now! Thank you for pleasure!
-- Irina, 4/1/13

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