How I Price My Work

The dead do not need your donation anymore.
I actually play no longer the game of let people donate for my art ;if they like it and want to have a certain piece they can get it for a donation, sometimes I make suggestions for the minimum amount and sometimes not at all. That way I never have a bad conscience to have over or under priced. And I feel good about it and it gives me motivation to come with more art.out. :)

I love arts and I do arts since why not let me help you in your search for the right painting, or computergraphic to download  to your Computer to print out on colored paper, cards, t-shirts , cups etc. There is no limit set for mutiple choices ...OR have an Original painting decorate your or someone else home.
My website http://www.zhibit.or/bms gives you a clear overlook of my collected art pieces ~ There are all originals and most of them are labeled with suggestions for DONATIONS. Yes you hear right. It is your choice how much you want to donate when you come over the suggested amount!

Please contact me over my contactform on my website or also write me an e-mail.

Every amount you donate will be used for future art projects, so I do not run out of resources to create new art.
Please make your donations over PayPal, a secure and easy way.
 Shoot me a note and let me know which piece of art you like to possess, as original or print out, either way!
All images For PRINT OUTS only are not bound to the general minimum donation amount . You can acquire each original for print out only  for $10 whether it is a painting, drawing or Computergraphic.
It is a one time amount for 1 original and you can make as many copies as you like of it. Remember, there is no limit set for to print your shirts or coffee cups or any other item you like to have my art on if you donate $10 for each original to print it out to your satisfaction.
So why not have a look which art piece you would like to donate for and let me know which one and how you want to use it:

Many many Thanks to those who have been donating to my cause so far!!

May you all have a beautiful month full of sunshine and joy in your heart to be a blessing as much as you can!




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