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My friend and I met you on an Art Tour last year. You were kind enough (and had the time) to share the details of the way you work and start your paintings (always trying to finish them as you go along before a new one emerges!) I loved the Olive Groves and purchased some special cards - only my favorite people receive those cards! I am running out though and hope you'll be on a tour or showing your work somewhere nearby Auburn again! Drove past the Olive orchard yesterday just to get a feel for your inspiration - you've managed to make them look even better than they are in real life - amazing color in your paintings! It was hard to believe you haven't shown your work publicly before that tour - you have such an amazing talent!
-- Belen Sawyer, 6/14/15

Absolutely beautiful!
-- Laura Desmul, 5/14/13

I recently inherited the pastel portrait your father did of me when I was about 6. It has hung somewhere in my parents' home for over 60 years and is a treasured memory of them and our life. I thought you might enjoy knowing that his legacy continues in ways you might not expect!
-- Marilynn Darling, 1/2/13

Your father did a pastel of me when I was 10 years old in Sacramento, ca.
-- Lynne Bell, 6/9/12

WOW, excelent work.. 'nuff said :)
-- Alon Brontman, 4/15/12

A beautiful collection. Bravo!
-- Shirley Bittante, 4/7/12

I couldn't be more proud, my friend. Your work gives me goosebumps.
-- Beth Sherman, 4/7/12

Congratulations! Great web site. Your paintings are a beautiful reflection to the talent that you have. Keep your brushes working!
-- Melanie Serroels, 4/2/12

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