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Candi Martin Baker Fine Art

Artist directory :: Candi Martin Baker Fine Art

Fine art landscapes, close focus florals, whimsical beach scenes, originals and prints.

Candi Martin Baker Fine Art


candi martin baker 
The trick with me is to get the painting out of my head and onto a canvas, one painting at a time, in a timely manner I like to pull subject matter from the natural world around me. “Through the Trees” series started when I realized that here on Camano, and in much of the Northwest you are looking at, through or around trees to the water or the light. Creating art, it is an ever changing process for me. While painting in transparent watercolor ( the Last Light series), I experimented extensively with color layering through multiple glazes, sometimes so many layers that the paper would not hold any more pigment. The extreme detail in my watercolor florals came fairly easily because I am very...


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Auburn, California and
Camano Island, WA
United States


New Works Tapestries Highly Textured Canvas with layers of color
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