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co2arts Poetry.Art.Music.Healing...visual artsFreedom,Wisdon and Knowledge...
Cool Cats of New England A photographic journey with musicians, writers, dancers, community activists and other cool people you will want to meet in the New England Community.
John E.S. Morales CreationsA sampling of my creative journey through painting, drawing, digital art, short stories, essays, ambient/electronic music, and anime music videos.
JUSTIN TAYLORart, video, music, photography
Stacey LeVasseur Clay ArtistHave been building clay pieces with coil for many years. Many of my pieces are used as decorative bowls and platters. Also have been working on more "yard art" to include colorful mushroom like pieces, dragons and other creatures.
Paul Barfo  the mind is a terrible thing to waste
James Rose This site contains drawings and paintings I make of my everyday experiences living in the New York area. The materials I use are markers, charcoal and oil paint. I am currently living in Brooklyn and most of my drawings are of my local neighborhoods.
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