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Memories A photographic trip down memory lane....
Mary’s Paintings Continue to InspireShielagh just visited the Marietta Museum of Art and Whimsy in Sarasota, Florida and posted in front of two of Mary’s oil paintings.
New Canvas, Pt. 2The painter's equivalent of the white sheet of paper.
Take Time for TeaNorma’s Variety of Spice Blog This little tea pyramid bag with a leaf sprouting up, by ‘Tea Forte’ is so adorable! It was a gift a few years ago and I’m just now getting around to enjoying it; I had no idea the presentation was so cute; makes my tea ritual extra special; I might have to order some for myself and my clients to enjoy. The tea is really good- Green Mango Peach; a real treat! Keeping life aesthetically pleasurable and simple. Have a good day.
Morris Graves Museum of ArtHumboldt Art Council Member Exhibition November 19 - January 7,2024
Not only today! BRACHAIM'S ARTWORKS ~PAINTINGS &DRAWINGS~WEBGRAPHICS~ NOT ONLY TODAY! 25% off on all original artwork listed on my website! Beginning now through midnight, November 30 get 25% off all unframed original paintings. Bargain is valid from today, Nov. 23rd until Nov.
2016 Holiday Greetingsanother Collage created for the Holidays: using decorative paper napkins, cutouts from old cards, magazines, lace and watercolor, acrylics, stamps, felt
Time for SantasIn December we always remember the excitement of Christmas
Thank You!Thank you to everyone who was able to attend one of my shows this month. Thank you also to all the great vendors at the Holiday Bazaar! There was so much talent all in one place. It was wonderful to see all of you.
Me and Money ❤️Me and Monet ❤️I painted this portrait of Monet about 15-years ago. I wanted to paint just like him. I’m no Monet but I hope that he has left an impression in each one of my paintings.
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