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Thank You!Thank you to everyone who came to the Mother's Day Art Tour Firehouse Gallery! You helped make it a wonderful show. We had so much fun and saw so many friends. That's the best part of any show.
Summer workshops are comingnews, shows, art classes and workshops, new mexico, las cruces events.
Internal Balance MattersNorma’s Variety of Spice Blog Yep! That’s right! It can be the difference between life and the alternative:) of course, we’re all going to kick the bucket eventually; but, I want to live healthy with energy and vitality while I live. So, here’s the thing- Prevention, as in preventive self care and mindfulness; keeping an eye out on your internal environment by checking your pH levels to see if you’re too acidic or alkaline.
Harvestphotomontage, mixed color media, engraved canvas 33" x 40" x 1.5"
Cougars and springtimeOn a sunny warm July morning, in 2018, at 10am....I looked outside my studio window to garden area, and to my amazement this beautiful LARGE female cougar was walking up our driveway
HRH Community Hospital Healing GalleryI curated a new exhibit this month, with an opening reception on April 11. There are 20 local artists exhibiting a total of 39 works of art.
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