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Dog days of SummerJust relaxing during these hot summer days. Haven't painted in a while but am gearing up to do some nocturne palouse paintings. I love the palouse imagery so that's a good place to start.
Abstract Field of FlowersThe end of summer is so sad to me, but my sadness is tempered by the beautiful colors out in nature this time of year. The umbels that have been white all summer have turned the color of Burgundy, while around them the yellow-green of Solidagos are ramping up, getting ready for their turn to bloom. For this painting I wanted to boil it all down to sweeps of color, so delicious to look at as they merge one into another.
Miniature Art-Greeting cardMiniature fine art greeting cards available at Norma Brinker, Fine Art Gallery. All original cards
Saks Fifth Avenue ShowWelp, the opening reception is tomorrow. I hung my paintings on Monday but couldn't sleep afterwards. I had the feeling that they needed something more. Tuesday morning I got up and ordered materials from Lowes. A Miter Saw, wood, wood glue, wood filler, nails, etc. I taught myself how to make frames. Crazy I know, I will be installing the frames around 2 of my painting today. There's nothing I can't do!
Front Yard
The Life of a Painter's CatNotice the blue paint. She jumps up on me and I cannot resist petting her.
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