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Why Do We Create?Why do we create? Modern science can tell us a lot about why the human person functions the way it does. Science can tell us why we eat, why we drink, why we sleep, and why we make love. But it cannot tell us why we make art.
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11 Pipers Piping: Laos Khene playerPeople/Country: Laos (Lao Peoples’ Democratic Republic) (Dry Point Etching) Instrument:/ (Figure) Khene* ( bamboo mouth organ,metal reed), traditional male attire Border/Corners: Night Market book, Hmong applique, Baci ceremony, Luang Prabang* temple mosaic, Caged bird, Day Market
flowersThis is a big one; going to take some time.
November and the Holidays are upon us!new shows and scheduling classes
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The Cloister on a Sunday MorningNow that I have finished my large nude ("Il Ritorno Della Musa Cremisi"), I am working on a multimedia abstract. This should take me into the new year.
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