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At, we cherish the relationship we have with our subscribers. It shouldn't then come as a surprise that keeping them happy is our number one goal. Here is what some of them are saying:

Andrew S. Masino
Using your site enabled to reference my work and sold [amount withheld] worth of paintings this past weekend.
-- Andrew S. Masino
Pamela Stern
Happy Thanksgiving. ... Thank you as always for your excellent support!!!!
-- Pamela Stern
Jesse Graham
I am very happy with the service with you, and appreciate the opportunity to have a nice looking website that I can afford on my budget ... I would want to keep my website up with you for a long time.
-- Jesse Graham
Pamela Stern
i still urge friends here and there to avail themselves of your great service. ... i am very grateful to you that you made this possible so easily for me, as it is a very special thing to me. i am back into working on my painting and collages again and will--unless someone shows up out of the blue who wants to design a site for me for free!--be making another zhibit site for that. knowing your site is there actually serves to increase my inspiration for producing a new body of work.
-- Pamela Stern
Melissa Blue Fine Art
I have been so pleased with this site. Thank you.
-- Melissa Blue Fine Art
Pamela Stern
You win the prize hands down for the best customer service. I have been urging a very talented artist friend of mine from New Zealand to make a site with you...
-- Pamela Stern
Felice Cipriani
Thanks to Zhibit for having me it has been good value having sold quite a few pieces and met some wonderful people through the site.
-- Felice Cipriani
Melissa Blue Fine Art
This is a terrific site! Thank you. I am so glad I found you!
-- Melissa Blue Fine Art
Stone Soup Jewelry
I've recommended Zhibit on my blog and in person to quite a few other people. It's a great resource.
-- Stone Soup Jewelry
Photos by Dee
I have a friend who is a website-creating novice, ... I think your site is absolutely wonderful, and just the answer for her ... Your site is done in such good taste and is very professional looking ... absolutely brilliantly done!
-- Photos by Dee
Jaki Christeve
Was looking to make a website for an artist friend... thought Blog, CMS or pre-made template site... you very quickly moved to the top of the list... nice job... great service... after a few minutes the layout became very intuitive...
-- Jaki Christeve
The Link Gallery
Thanks for your help and, once again, for your amazing sitebuilder.
-- The Link Gallery
Jay Gruen, Eclectic Exteriors
Every time I work on my site I am impressed further with the whole concept. I am also impressed with the real life email reply from customer support! ... near perfect service!
-- Jay Gruen, Eclectic Exteriors
Susan R. Thompson
Thanks for this wonderful service, awesome! ... Bless you all for taking care of so much for us all.
-- Susan R. Thompson
Green Heron Glass Studio
I recently got my first direct sales from the website. ... Thanks again for making it so easy and affordable!!! ... Happy Holidays from one of your most satisfied and grateful artists!
-- Green Heron Glass Studio
Sean Ritchwood
Wow ... Thank you!! You guys are great! I cannot thank you enough!
-- Sean Ritchwood
Johanna E. Heinemann-Haas
I have been referred by my friend ... The set-up is so easy and the "galleries" really look wonderful. ... Thank you again for your amazing customer service!
-- Johanna E. Heinemann-Haas
Michael A. Staley
I was just referred to your site and I love it. I've been frustrated by my server's software and this is so much easier to use!
-- Michael A. Staley
Stephen Oakes
Just joined! Love the site.
-- Stephen Oakes
Christie Beniston
I could not be happier with your service! After several years of being miserable with my website and having no easy way to update information I am so delighted with what you have provided at such a reasonable cost. THANK YOU, I am a satisfied customer! ... also sung your praises to the San Diego Visual Arts Network - how I originally found out about your service.
-- Christie Beniston
David Lee Black
I love my Zhibit experience, have shared with others about the ease of use and pro look that you offer, and look forward to having Zhibit as part of my artful life in the coming years.
-- David Lee Black
Marilyn P Milsop
Your website is awesomely great. I took a course in web design and you've made the process so much easier.
-- Marilyn P Milsop
Bruce Casale
I'm really enjoying my new website. It's great to have an outlet to show my work in a professional manner.
-- Bruce Casale
Audrey Michelle Photography
Thank you for your attentiveness! good service goes a LONG way for me and you better believe that I will spread the word about your site.
-- Audrey Michelle Photography
I am continuing to get great compliments from people I know about my site. Thanks to Zhibit and all of the efforts you put into the design and ease of navigation to your websites.
Thanks again for your help in this matter. ... Zhibit is still the best!!! Customer support is always quick, timely and helpful.
danielle the artiste
Merry Christmas, happy new year, the best for 2009, and thank you for creating Zhibit
-- danielle the artiste
Simon Haiduk
I'd like to say that I'm really impressed with Zhibit, and what it offers for artists. Thank you!
-- Simon Haiduk
Green Heron Glass Studio
I recommended your hosting service to all of the new artists I met at the ... Festival in ... VA last weekend.
-- Green Heron Glass Studio
Phyllis Baker
this is an awesome site, I'm extremely impressed with the way you've set it up and how easy the interface is.
-- Phyllis Baker

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