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At, we cherish the relationship we have with our subscribers. It shouldn't then come as a surprise that keeping them happy is our number one goal. Here is what some of them are saying:

PRIYADARSHI GAUTAM is a wonderful site. I thank the operators for their support of the artist community.
Edenborough Encaustics (Lester Edenborough)
May I congratulate you on the way queries are answered so quickly. Much appreciated.
-- Edenborough Encaustics (Lester Edenborough)
Elisabeth Bell
Thanks for making a great website experience!
-- Elisabeth Bell
Tay MacIntyre
I really appreciate how responsive you all are and couldn't ask for better service. ... I really do love being with! I recommend it frequently.
-- Tay MacIntyre
Amy Zoe Bekier
You guys/gals are AMAZING!!
-- Amy Zoe Bekier
Megon Dee
i heart zhibit!!! :)
-- Megon Dee
Art Zone Studio
The site has been great to present to designers, clients, friends etc.
-- Art Zone Studio
Andrew S. Masino
Using your site enabled to reference my work and sold [amount withheld] worth of paintings this past weekend.
-- Andrew S. Masino
Dennis A Warner
thanks a lot... Superior customer service, so rare today.
-- Dennis A Warner
Gina Pankowski
I've been working on my site and am really happy with Zhibit
-- Gina Pankowski
Carlos Mejias
Excellent customer service ... EXTREMELY helpful.
-- Carlos Mejias
Mary E. Henlin
I just want to thank you guys for doing such an awesome job with the Zhibit community, and all your guys really listen to all the artist's suggestions and my website is getting better and better. I love the counter, I can't believe how much traffic my site has been generating, which means you guys are doing great with search engine listings and promotions. ... Thanks again for all your guys great work and awesome community you have created. I really love being a part of
-- Mary E. Henlin
Pamela Stern
you are the best! what customer service :). ... so thank you very very much for making it so easy to do this. i still tell friends about it when the opportunity arises, did so yesterday :).
-- Pamela Stern
Laura Dawson
I've been meaning to take a moment and tell you how excited and pleased I am with the new changes! ... I've been really happy with hosting my site on Zhibit and I've been recommending it to other people as well.
-- Laura Dawson
harry v johnson
I've got to congratulate YOU on working with such a wonderful, painless, easy-to-use, art thing.
-- harry v johnson
Thanks--you know you really are the Best!
Melissa Blue Fine Art
This is a terrific site! Thank you. I am so glad I found you!
-- Melissa Blue Fine Art
Johanna E. Heinemann-Haas
I have been referred by my friend ... The set-up is so easy and the "galleries" really look wonderful. ... Thank you again for your amazing customer service!
-- Johanna E. Heinemann-Haas
Ana Beatriz Galano
I am new at this ... that's why when I saw Zhibit, I got excited, because it's the best option for my current needs.
-- Ana Beatriz Galano
I must say I am very pleased with Zhibit. The features at all price points, the flexibility in design and the awesome customer service make this a really great product, much better than I had hoped for.
-- Karen
Photos by Dee
I have a friend who is a website-creating novice, ... I think your site is absolutely wonderful, and just the answer for her ... Your site is done in such good taste and is very professional looking ... absolutely brilliantly done!
-- Photos by Dee
Doug Powell
I have actually learned quite a bit about setting up various computer options through your website. I think you have made it quite easy to figure out some of the more complicated steps involved with web site set up in general that only a web site builder would know how to do. Some of these options you offer on the site I would have never been able to do on my own. So keep up the good work. This is a great site.
-- Doug Powell
robbi goldberg
I talk to people about ... all the time. I'm a huge fan. Having the website and it being so accessible and easy to edit has made life so much easier.
-- robbi goldberg
Bonnie Crevier, Queen Bee
I have signed up for a site on here and absolutely love it.
-- Bonnie Crevier, Queen Bee
Charles E Harrison III
Thank you so much for providing an easy, yet professional presence for an emerging artist as myself. I have looked at many start-up websites for emerging artists and find yours the most affordable, easy-to-use and professional. I couldn't think of a better place to start showing my works.
-- Charles E Harrison III
Tina Will
I am a very happy Zhibit customer and love your service!!
-- Tina Will
danielle the artiste
Merry Christmas, happy new year, the best for 2009, and thank you for creating Zhibit
-- danielle the artiste
john wike
Thank you for responding to all my questions. You and the entire support team have made it very clear to me that I made a great choice in Zhibit.
-- john wike
Jonathan Hartley - Treehouse ArtWorks
I also want to add that I am really glad I found your site. It is the best artist website I've found so far, in terms of appearance, ease of use, and features. I LOVE the supersize capability that your site has to really blow the artworks up big. Don't ever change that! Also, I love the competitions and just the overall feel of the site. I love the way my page looks too. ... Keep up the good work, because you've definitely found the right recipe for an art website.
-- Jonathan Hartley - Treehouse ArtWorks
Christie Beniston
I have LOVED everything about Zhibit
-- Christie Beniston

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