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At, we cherish the relationship we have with our subscribers. It shouldn't then come as a surprise that keeping them happy is our number one goal. Here is what some of them are saying:

Sourwood Gallery, Inc
How can you offer this free site? I can't get over how great it is.
-- Sourwood Gallery, Inc
James Frederic Rose
I love you guys! ... I am getting a one person show soon and I owe it to this site. Without it they would never had been able to see my work. Thank you!
-- James Frederic Rose
Mary E. Henlin
I just want to thank you guys for doing such an awesome job with the Zhibit community, and all your guys really listen to all the artist's suggestions and my website is getting better and better. I love the counter, I can't believe how much traffic my site has been generating, which means you guys are doing great with search engine listings and promotions. ... Thanks again for all your guys great work and awesome community you have created. I really love being a part of
-- Mary E. Henlin
Elisabeth Bell
Thanks for making a great website experience!
-- Elisabeth Bell
Jaki Christeve
Was looking to make a website for an artist friend... thought Blog, CMS or pre-made template site... you very quickly moved to the top of the list... nice job... great service... after a few minutes the layout became very intuitive...
-- Jaki Christeve
Jeffrey Wynne Design
-- Jeffrey Wynne Design
Doug Powell is looking really good and so far I think is very user friendly for setting up initially.
-- Doug Powell
i have been shopping around for a good web host with a reasonable price, and Zhibit has definitely catered to my needs and has a very good layout format for your web templates. Keep up the good work!
Harry Thompson
I should not be surprised at your usual quick and courteous responses. So few other services are so efficient as I have always found to be. I appreciate your thoughtful assistance in helping me get ready for another year of affiliation with Zhibit.
-- Harry Thompson
Edenborough Encaustics (Lester Edenborough)
May I congratulate you on the way queries are answered so quickly. Much appreciated.
-- Edenborough Encaustics (Lester Edenborough)
Stone Soup Jewelry
I've recommended Zhibit on my blog and in person to quite a few other people. It's a great resource.
-- Stone Soup Jewelry
Pamela Stern
I hope that I can finally one day get some more clients for you ... you are the best. Which I will be sure to tell them!
-- Pamela Stern
Alexandra Silcox
I've always enjoyed what was offered by compared to other art-based websites, and was pleased to find a company who's prompt about getting back to the clients. Thanks again and be pleased to know I plan to stay a member for quite a while.
-- Alexandra Silcox
Ann Calagaz
Oh by the way, your site/program saved me several hundred dollars since I was going to have a custom site done by the programmer that did my company site. ... PS had a call from a customer from Texas looking at the website on her phone as they drove down the road! Ain't technology wonderful?
-- Ann Calagaz
Jay Gruen, Eclectic Exteriors
Every time I work on my site I am impressed further with the whole concept. I am also impressed with the real life email reply from customer support! ... near perfect service!
-- Jay Gruen, Eclectic Exteriors
harry v johnson
Great and personable ... customer support
-- harry v johnson
Ana Beatriz Galano
I've been a part of the Zhibit family for 2+ years and have always loved it...With the consistent improvement of the features, it just keeps getting better! And you can't beat their customer service - always willing to help. Thanks zhibit, for providing an easy venue for us artists on a budget...hugs!!
-- Ana Beatriz Galano
I must say I am very pleased with Zhibit. The features at all price points, the flexibility in design and the awesome customer service make this a really great product, much better than I had hoped for.
-- Karen
Art Zone Studio
I am so impressed at the simplicity of your site; espesially the uploads and navigational tools that I am also doing another site ...
-- Art Zone Studio
Julie Koenig
Your site is great - very easy and fun to set up! Thanks.
-- Julie Koenig
Shannon Jane Morgan
I get compliment after compliment on my thank you very much...for the ease of the template and whole site in general ....
-- Shannon Jane Morgan
Michael A. Staley
I was just referred to your site and I love it. I've been frustrated by my server's software and this is so much easier to use!
-- Michael A. Staley
Hollyce Jeffriess
I am very excited to have been able to set up a website that I think looks great with such ease! ... I'm so excited to have a site so fast and affordable!!! ... Thank you, I think the site is great! ... Your customer support is brilliant!
-- Hollyce Jeffriess
Tantra Bensko
Your site is beautiful, and I love using it.
-- Tantra Bensko
I am continuing to get great compliments from people I know about my site. Thanks to Zhibit and all of the efforts you put into the design and ease of navigation to your websites.
Pamela Stern
you are the best! what customer service :). ... so thank you very very much for making it so easy to do this. i still tell friends about it when the opportunity arises, did so yesterday :).
-- Pamela Stern
Amy Zoe Bekier
You guys/gals are AMAZING!!
-- Amy Zoe Bekier
Charles Kruger
Just a note to say how pleased I am with Zhibit. I am very impressed with the new improvements. Zhibit has paid for itself easily in increased sales since I have been listed. I receive many compliments on my web site and its ease of presentation. I couldn't be more satisfied.
-- Charles Kruger
Christie Beniston
I have LOVED everything about Zhibit
-- Christie Beniston
Elisabeth Bell
I can't live without my zhibit site!
-- Elisabeth Bell

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