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At, we cherish the relationship we have with our subscribers. It shouldn't then come as a surprise that keeping them happy is our number one goal. Here is what some of them are saying:

Dalzenia Sams-Artist4Peace
Thank you ... for your support and being professional WITH kindness!
-- Dalzenia Sams-Artist4Peace
David Lee Black
I love my Zhibit experience, have shared with others about the ease of use and pro look that you offer, and look forward to having Zhibit as part of my artful life in the coming years.
-- David Lee Black
Christie Beniston
I could not be happier with your service! After several years of being miserable with my website and having no easy way to update information I am so delighted with what you have provided at such a reasonable cost. THANK YOU, I am a satisfied customer! ... also sung your praises to the San Diego Visual Arts Network - how I originally found out about your service.
-- Christie Beniston
George P. Macdonald
Art makes the world a better place and this site helps all those great artists out there show off thier works to the World.
-- George P. Macdonald
Tay MacIntyre
I just wanted to drop a note and say Thank you for the ... options added to the site. ... Thanks for listening to my suggestions and continuing to improve an already great product!
-- Tay MacIntyre
Gill Robinson
This is a fantastic site and so easy to get a web site up and running. I am so glad I found it.
-- Gill Robinson
Kristopher Jones
Thank you for all of your hard work and professionalism. I look forward to competing in upcoming contests on Zhibit... I feel honored to have been one of the selected finalists - this was the first art competition I have entered, thank you once again for making it a great experience.
-- Kristopher Jones
Phyllis Baker
this is an awesome site, I'm extremely impressed with the way you've set it up and how easy the interface is.
-- Phyllis Baker
Amy Zoe Bekier
You guys/gals are AMAZING!!
-- Amy Zoe Bekier
Laura Dawson
In an effort to save some money, I decided I needed a change for my webhosting. Lucky for me I found Zhibit which is a service designed especially for artists. So far I'm very happy with my decision.
-- Laura Dawson
Edenborough Encaustics (Lester Edenborough)
May I congratulate you on the way queries are answered so quickly. Much appreciated.
-- Edenborough Encaustics (Lester Edenborough)
Marilyn P Milsop
Your website is awesomely great. I took a course in web design and you've made the process so much easier.
-- Marilyn P Milsop
Mary E. Henlin
I just want to thank you guys for doing such an awesome job with the Zhibit community, and all your guys really listen to all the artist's suggestions and my website is getting better and better. I love the counter, I can't believe how much traffic my site has been generating, which means you guys are doing great with search engine listings and promotions. ... Thanks again for all your guys great work and awesome community you have created. I really love being a part of
-- Mary E. Henlin
Adrian Cabedo
You're an ace. ... please pat yourself on the back for offering excellent customer service!
-- Adrian Cabedo
Charles E Harrison III
Thank you so much for providing an easy, yet professional presence for an emerging artist as myself. I have looked at many start-up websites for emerging artists and find yours the most affordable, easy-to-use and professional. I couldn't think of a better place to start showing my works.
-- Charles E Harrison III
Faith Marcus
Love the site! So glad to be a part of the community.
-- Faith Marcus
Susan Orris
The site is really nice and easy to use. ... This is a great service, I will no doubt recommend it to friends.
-- Susan Orris
Shannon Jane Morgan
I get compliment after compliment on my thank you very much...for the ease of the template and whole site in general ....
-- Shannon Jane Morgan
liquid buddha studios
Keep up the good work at Zhibit. We are really pleased with this community of artists and what you all offer.
-- liquid buddha studios
Jay Gruen, Eclectic Exteriors
Every time I work on my site I am impressed further with the whole concept. I am also impressed with the real life email reply from customer support! ... near perfect service!
-- Jay Gruen, Eclectic Exteriors
robbi goldberg
I think you guys are great as always and I continue to tell folks about
-- robbi goldberg
Glass Quest
The Zhibit experience has been great. Very pleased so far.
-- Glass Quest
Pamela Stern
You win the prize hands down for the best customer service. I have been urging a very talented artist friend of mine from New Zealand to make a site with you...
-- Pamela Stern
Jaime Coffey Bateman
I've recommended to a few other people, as you have made it so easy to work with. I'm really happy with my new site, so thanks again.
-- Jaime Coffey Bateman
Elisabeth Bell
I just wanted to thank you for making so many excellent updates to Zhibit. The enhanced convenience is fantastic and even more pleasing to the eye at every turn.
-- Elisabeth Bell
Green Heron Glass Studio
Thanks again for your great site service! I've been building my site, referring clients, and -best of all- learning alot! Having the most fun I've had since I got this @#&^#* computer!
-- Green Heron Glass Studio
Geckotui Gallery
Just to let you know I appreciate your super quick response
-- Geckotui Gallery
Charles Kruger
Just a note to say how pleased I am with Zhibit. I am very impressed with the new improvements. Zhibit has paid for itself easily in increased sales since I have been listed. I receive many compliments on my web site and its ease of presentation. I couldn't be more satisfied.
-- Charles Kruger
Kevin Woolford
thank you very much for your consideration. i am very happy with your service and the level of support you have provided to me.
-- Kevin Woolford
Johanna E. Heinemann-Haas
I have been referred by my friend ... The set-up is so easy and the "galleries" really look wonderful. ... Thank you again for your amazing customer service!
-- Johanna E. Heinemann-Haas

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