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At, we cherish the relationship we have with our subscribers. It shouldn't then come as a surprise that keeping them happy is our number one goal. Here is what some of them are saying:

Green Heron Glass Studio
I recently got my first direct sales from the website. ... Thanks again for making it so easy and affordable!!! ... Happy Holidays from one of your most satisfied and grateful artists!
-- Green Heron Glass Studio
Adrian Cabedo
What a rapid response! It's no wonder I changed to you from another unmentionable and "absolutely" aweful competitor!
-- Adrian Cabedo
Elisabeth Bell
Thanks for making a great website experience!
-- Elisabeth Bell
Ann Calagaz
Oh by the way, your site/program saved me several hundred dollars since I was going to have a custom site done by the programmer that did my company site. ... PS had a call from a customer from Texas looking at the website on her phone as they drove down the road! Ain't technology wonderful?
-- Ann Calagaz
Pamela Stern
you are the best! what customer service :). ... so thank you very very much for making it so easy to do this. i still tell friends about it when the opportunity arises, did so yesterday :).
-- Pamela Stern
Pamela Stern
You win the prize hands down for the best customer service. I have been urging a very talented artist friend of mine from New Zealand to make a site with you...
-- Pamela Stern
Felice Cipriani
Thanks to Zhibit for having me it has been good value having sold quite a few pieces and met some wonderful people through the site.
-- Felice Cipriani
robbi goldberg
I talk to people about ... all the time. I'm a huge fan. Having the website and it being so accessible and easy to edit has made life so much easier.
-- robbi goldberg
John Kinebrew
I'm really excited about my new website. Thanks so much for making the "building of a website" a fun experience. ... I am so stoked. I've been planning on building a webpage for that domain for the past two years ... but it all seemed so complicated. You guys have made everything a piece of cake. Plus your tools make the site look very professional. I will definitely recommend your site to any artist friends who need websites.
-- John Kinebrew
susan e. walker
Your customer service is superb! Thank you.
-- susan e. walker
Pamela Stern
Happy Thanksgiving. ... Thank you as always for your excellent support!!!!
-- Pamela Stern
Rancho Bernardo Art Association
You are the best. You make me look like a guru.
-- Rancho Bernardo Art Association
jeri felix
What a blessing for artists you are! I've loved building my own web site ... I am very excited about having a web site that I can control.
-- jeri felix
Kevin Woolford
thank you very much for your consideration. i am very happy with your service and the level of support you have provided to me.
-- Kevin Woolford
Gina Pankowski
I've been working on my site and am really happy with Zhibit
-- Gina Pankowski
Your site has given me an outlet to simply have art time. I love it! ... Quite the deal, and from the looks of my visitor counter I have had some turn out. I do not use to sell per se~ but to allow art, my art to live
jeri felix
Thanks again - I love having my site with you ... I want to add many new paintings to the site and will work on that next week.
-- jeri felix
Dalzenia Sams-Artist4Peace
Thank you ... for your support and being professional WITH kindness!
-- Dalzenia Sams-Artist4Peace
Susan R. Thompson has been a great site for me and my art work...when people started saying "I'd like to see more of your work", I was able to put up an inexpensive, but quality site for them to go to. It's been great!
-- Susan R. Thompson
Sandra Berg
I just wanted to mention how impressed I am with Zhibit. It's very easy to use, whether when posting new pictures or when maintaining existing ones. ... I am ecstatic with my new website and have received a lot of good feedback from clients and friends..
-- Sandra Berg
I started my website with Zhibit in 2007 and since then have been slowly, but surely, reaping the benefits (in various forms) of a good website. Zhibit's pre-designed format and user-friendly templates have been easy to start off my website especially for someone like me who is not computer savvy. I have learned the ins and outs of starting and maintaining my website by myself - with the incredible help from the customer service at Zhibit. Zhibit's annual fee is reasonable and affordable by industry standards.
Green Heron Glass Studio
Thanks again Zhibit for your wonderful hosting tools!! I registered my own domain name earlier today and already have it redirected to this site. It was not too hard to do for a website novice like me and didn't take alot of time - even with only dial-up internet service!
-- Green Heron Glass Studio
William Goodman
I just want to say I really am happy with zhibit. I looked at several similar sites before I made my decision and still after all this time I am glad I settled on your site. I've appreciated the enhancements along the way and the help I've received when contacting you in the past.
-- William Goodman
Nathan Huff
I've also been very pleased with Zhibit's web service and have referred 4 people who now use your services. :) I'm actually signing up another friend tomorrow and getting her going. Thanks for making it accessible for those of us who are technically challenged.
-- Nathan Huff
Simon Haiduk
I'd like to say that I'm really impressed with Zhibit, and what it offers for artists. Thank you!
-- Simon Haiduk
Kristopher Jones
Thank you for all of your hard work and professionalism. I look forward to competing in upcoming contests on Zhibit... I feel honored to have been one of the selected finalists - this was the first art competition I have entered, thank you once again for making it a great experience.
-- Kristopher Jones
robbi goldberg
I think you guys are great as always and I continue to tell folks about
-- robbi goldberg
 Now I See
I just love the way Zhibit was easy to use and how great the web designs look.
-- Now I See
Bev's Photo Treasures
Thank you so much. You are so prompt in helping. Great support. This is important. I am glad I have chosen your group.
-- Bev's Photo Treasures
Janice Johnson Smith
Thanks always for Zhibit's help and great service.
-- Janice Johnson Smith

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