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At, we cherish the relationship we have with our subscribers. It shouldn't then come as a surprise that keeping them happy is our number one goal. Here is what some of them are saying:

I'm reviewing your web site building tool because I'm giving a workshop to artists on how to build their own web site. I will recommend your system. ... it seems very full-featured and extremely easy to use. Good job!
ElizaRica Luga Anderson
Wow! I'm so impressed with your prompt reply. Thank you so much for giving me the details and answering my questions. I will be signing up ... now. Thank's ... I really like your website. More power!
-- ElizaRica Luga Anderson
Lisa Suchsland, Pet Portrait Rocks by Lisa
I very much value my website, and having your company host it ... I have always appreciated your quick response. ... It's back to making jam ;) Wish you were closer you deserve a jar.
-- Lisa Suchsland, Pet Portrait Rocks by Lisa
Mark A. Ellinger
The Zhibit experience has been great. Very pleased so far.
-- Mark A. Ellinger
I am continuing to get great compliments from people I know about my site. Thanks to Zhibit and all of the efforts you put into the design and ease of navigation to your websites.
Elisabeth Bell
I can't live without my zhibit site!
-- Elisabeth Bell
Green Heron Glass Studio
Dear Zhibit, I can't thank you enough!! This is a wonderful service you are offerring to the art community. ... I have been telling all of my artist friends about you, and will continue to do so! I'm grateful that for you "creating the website is the easy part" - and better yet, you've made it affordable!!
-- Green Heron Glass Studio
robbi goldberg
I talk to people about ... all the time. I'm a huge fan. Having the website and it being so accessible and easy to edit has made life so much easier.
-- robbi goldberg
Marnie Ernst Zoa
You folks at Zhibit are always so courteous and helpful.
-- Marnie Ernst Zoa
Jacqueline Ross Arriaga da Cunha
Great site and easy to set up
-- Jacqueline Ross Arriaga da Cunha
Jeffrey Wynne Design
-- Jeffrey Wynne Design
Jennifer Thomas Houdeshell
You're the best!!! Thank you so much for all of your help. ... Thank you, thank you thank you!!!
-- Jennifer Thomas Houdeshell
liquid buddha studios
Keep up the good work at Zhibit. We are really pleased with this community of artists and what you all offer.
-- liquid buddha studios
PRIYADARSHI GAUTAM is a wonderful site. I thank the operators for their support of the artist community.
I love zhibit and have recommended the site to any of my artist friends who are looking for a great place to host their art.
-- Alphakitn
Pamela Stern
Happy Thanksgiving. ... Thank you as always for your excellent support!!!!
-- Pamela Stern
Tay MacIntyre
I just wanted to drop a note and say Thank you for the ... options added to the site. ... Thanks for listening to my suggestions and continuing to improve an already great product!
-- Tay MacIntyre
Christie Beniston
I have LOVED everything about Zhibit
-- Christie Beniston
Nathan Huff
I've also been very pleased with Zhibit's web service and have referred 4 people who now use your services. :) I'm actually signing up another friend tomorrow and getting her going. Thanks for making it accessible for those of us who are technically challenged.
-- Nathan Huff
Bruce Casale
I'm really enjoying my new website. It's great to have an outlet to show my work in a professional manner.
-- Bruce Casale
Susan R. Thompson
Thanks for this wonderful service, awesome! ... Bless you all for taking care of so much for us all.
-- Susan R. Thompson
Thanks--you know you really are the Best!
Gallery by the Bay
I'm so enjoying using Zhibit for my sites and teaching artists how to set up their sites in Zhibit as well.
-- Gallery by the Bay
William Goodman
I just want to say I really am happy with zhibit. I looked at several similar sites before I made my decision and still after all this time I am glad I settled on your site. I've appreciated the enhancements along the way and the help I've received when contacting you in the past.
-- William Goodman
Green Heron Glass Studio
I recommended your hosting service to all of the new artists I met at the ... Festival in ... VA last weekend.
-- Green Heron Glass Studio
Janice Johnson Smith
I just had to thank Zhibit for making it so easy ... I always sing the praises of Zhibit to other artists! I have a friend who may sign up soon. Thank you!
-- Janice Johnson Smith
Green Heron Glass Studio
Thanks again Zhibit for your wonderful hosting tools!! I registered my own domain name earlier today and already have it redirected to this site. It was not too hard to do for a website novice like me and didn't take alot of time - even with only dial-up internet service!
-- Green Heron Glass Studio
Leah Kohlenberg
I love zhibit, by the way! Thanks so much for it!
-- Leah Kohlenberg
Photos by Dee
I have a friend who is a website-creating novice, ... I think your site is absolutely wonderful, and just the answer for her ... Your site is done in such good taste and is very professional looking ... absolutely brilliantly done!
-- Photos by Dee
Albert Oldham
I am impressed, you are the best tech support I've ever seen! Tell the boss I said you should get a pay raise.
-- Albert Oldham

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