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At, we cherish the relationship we have with our subscribers. It shouldn't then come as a surprise that keeping them happy is our number one goal. Here is what some of them are saying:

Alexandra Silcox
I've always enjoyed what was offered by compared to other art-based websites, and was pleased to find a company who's prompt about getting back to the clients. Thanks again and be pleased to know I plan to stay a member for quite a while.
-- Alexandra Silcox
Carlos Mejias
Excellent customer service ... EXTREMELY helpful.
-- Carlos Mejias
Stephen Oakes
Just joined! Love the site.
-- Stephen Oakes
Doug Powell is looking really good and so far I think is very user friendly for setting up initially.
-- Doug Powell
Melissa Blue Fine Art
I have been so pleased with this site. Thank you.
-- Melissa Blue Fine Art
Tony Stromas
This site is hot! Thanks for hosting my art works!!
-- Tony Stromas
Janice Johnson Smith
I can't tell you how I enjoy doing my own editing on Zhibit..this has been after several months of having someone else handle it. It's fun and easy to use.
-- Janice Johnson Smith
Elisabeth Bell
Thanks for making a great website experience!
-- Elisabeth Bell
Sourwood Gallery, Inc
How can you offer this free site? I can't get over how great it is.
-- Sourwood Gallery, Inc
liquid buddha studios
Keep up the good work at Zhibit. We are really pleased with this community of artists and what you all offer.
-- liquid buddha studios
Marnie Ernst Zoa
You folks at Zhibit are always so courteous and helpful.
-- Marnie Ernst Zoa
Stefen Jones
Your support is top notch.
-- Stefen Jones
harry v johnson
Great and personable ... customer support
-- harry v johnson
Jonathan Hartley - Treehouse ArtWorks
I also want to add that I am really glad I found your site. It is the best artist website I've found so far, in terms of appearance, ease of use, and features. I LOVE the supersize capability that your site has to really blow the artworks up big. Don't ever change that! Also, I love the competitions and just the overall feel of the site. I love the way my page looks too. ... Keep up the good work, because you've definitely found the right recipe for an art website.
-- Jonathan Hartley - Treehouse ArtWorks
Edenborough Encaustics (Lester Edenborough)
May I congratulate you on the way queries are answered so quickly. Much appreciated.
-- Edenborough Encaustics (Lester Edenborough)
Ana Beatriz Galano
I've been a part of the Zhibit family for 2+ years and have always loved it...With the consistent improvement of the features, it just keeps getting better! And you can't beat their customer service - always willing to help. Thanks zhibit, for providing an easy venue for us artists on a budget...hugs!!
-- Ana Beatriz Galano
Charles E Harrison III
Thank you so much for providing an easy, yet professional presence for an emerging artist as myself. I have looked at many start-up websites for emerging artists and find yours the most affordable, easy-to-use and professional. I couldn't think of a better place to start showing my works.
-- Charles E Harrison III
Adrian Cabedo
You're an ace. ... please pat yourself on the back for offering excellent customer service!
-- Adrian Cabedo
j. alley
thanks SO much! ... you have been so pleasant to work with I really appreciate it! Thank you for all your extra help!!!!!! I hope to have a long relationship with Zhibit and I will tell all my friends! you have really made my weekend! ... can you give me the e-mail of your boss...or whom i can write them a wonderful letter telling them how GREAT you have been!?
-- j. alley
Jana Bouc
your site ... really is the best and most beautifully designed out there. I've been investigating options for nearly a year and this is the first time I've been tempted to move away from my current system.
-- Jana Bouc
mollie carlson
I just wanted to thank the group of people who put this site together. I've been struggling for months about how to do an art website and how I was going to afford it. This has been so much fun setting-up and makes my life a whole lot easier. The tools you have to offer are very professional and makes an artists site look very credible.
-- mollie carlson
Albert Oldham
I am impressed, you are the best tech support I've ever seen! Tell the boss I said you should get a pay raise.
-- Albert Oldham
Tay MacIntyre
I just wanted to drop a note and say Thank you for the ... options added to the site. ... Thanks for listening to my suggestions and continuing to improve an already great product!
-- Tay MacIntyre
Jeffrey Wynne Design
-- Jeffrey Wynne Design
Tay MacIntyre
I really appreciate how responsive you all are and couldn't ask for better service. ... I really do love being with! I recommend it frequently.
-- Tay MacIntyre
Eileen A. Lovre
I'm glad to see how well the site is growing. I've been very pleased with it in the year I've been a member. Keep up the good work.
-- Eileen A. Lovre
Harry Thompson
I should not be surprised at your usual quick and courteous responses. So few other services are so efficient as I have always found to be. I appreciate your thoughtful assistance in helping me get ready for another year of affiliation with Zhibit.
-- Harry Thompson
Flo Li
Happy New Year everyone! It is lovely to start a new journey with Zhibit!
-- Flo Li
Dennis A Warner
thanks a lot... Superior customer service, so rare today.
-- Dennis A Warner
Ellen Benfatti
Thank you... love my site. This has been a huge blessing for me. Thank you for making it so easy.
-- Ellen Benfatti

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