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Wonderful art work, can't choose a favourite as I like them all. 21/11/13
-- Em Richter, 11/20/13

Really nice work, Celeste. My personal favorite is the Lammergeyer.
-- Bryan Van Staden, 4/28/13

I was told of your artwork on 01Aug12, and checked it out immediately. My favourite is the little colourful bird. I counted 11 colours? All your paintings are stunning.
-- Magda Smit, 8/2/12

Stunning Work!!!! The Gorilla and African Grey are my favorites!
-- Charlene Meiring, 5/7/12

Fantastic work Celeste! Looking at your pictures is like being back home. Greetings from Germany!
-- Natalie Kirchmayer, 4/21/12

I enjiyed your art work, its looking good. Lots of love Mom
-- Mom, 3/24/12

Breathtaking. I want them all! This collection is stunning - I love the way you catch the sense of motion or the playfulness of the animals. Incredible work Celeste.
-- Nikki Fotheringham, 3/19/12

Miriam CarmackLovely work. You inspire me. Keep up the great work! I especially like your wild life work.
-- Miriam Carmack, 1/19/12

Great to see an old school friend doing so well and are amazing art works.
-- Juanita Landsberg, 1/17/12

Well done mom! Finally:) it looks really good!! Glad you are getting your artwork out there! So proud of you.
-- Chantelle De Vries, 1/16/12

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