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I love the description of your painting process as responding to the call of a surface that is broken up until it calls out for healing.
-- Ken Paul Rosenthal, 12/18/20

So happy to see you registered for our Artists' retreat! I look forward to meeting you very much. Maggie
-- Maggie Gallagher, 12/10/20

Nice Work Bravo Felice
-- Felice Cipriani, 10/19/11

My faves are Floatation and Rain Play.
-- Aaron Fricke, 1/16/11

interesting work & philosophy on creating your art.
-- Mark States, 7/17/10

Hi Charles!
-- Alex Kramer, 6/18/10

This guestbook's white-on-grey is very difficult for these old eyes to see. "Greenish," "Wheel of Fortune," and ""Untitled Landscape" are my three favorites.
-- Reed Boyer, 1/22/10

Hi Charles. Jo showed me your web site. Neat. Congratulations. I didn't know you were such an artist.
-- Lyne Lim, 4/21/09

Hi Charles, Wow, your paintings are full of vibrancy and feeling.
-- Robin Taylor, 3/31/09

Acting out art... Cool!
-- Teresa, 1/16/09

very present...
-- Stephen Zollman, 11/24/08

Love your stuff. I KNEW you were special. Please hang in with our disaster zone, Karen
-- Karen Rooney, 11/11/08

Very good work.
-- La Rue Moore, 9/18/08

Put me on the mailing list
-- James Kramer, 7/8/08

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