My creations are different; they are conversational; they are happiness captured on canvas; they are eye-candy for walls!  If I intrigue just one person with any of my creations, and it leaves that person with a joyful impression, then I have accomplished my goal.

Who is charlie Parlie?

charlie Parlie is a nickname.   I choose to sign my creations with this pseudonym because the brush name, charlie Parlie, just seems appropriate for my  art.

I give recognition to my Aunt Honey, a seasoned self-studied artist, for introducing me to the world of art during a rainy summer vacation in 1997.  With Aunt Honey, I painted for the first time and found a hidden talent that brought sunshine and smiles to a gloomy day.  Hence came my motto:  TO CREATE CONVERSATIONAL PIECES OF ART SURE TO BRIGHTEN ANY ROOM AND ADD SMILES TO THE FACES OF THOSE WHO PONDER THEIR CONTENTS.

That rainy vacation day sent me on a lifelong adventure involving art.  I began to paint for fun, giving many paintings to friends and family for special occasions.  Next came Ebay where I gained modest popularity and returning costumers.  In 2004, the principal at my school decided to add art as an elective class.  He asked me to start the program.  I gladly accepted the challenge and made the switch from teaching ELA to a more relaxed and fun atmosphere of teaching art.  I took some college art classes and passed the Art PRAXIS exam, becoming certified to teach visual arts.  Today, I am an art educator in the public school system and continue to pursue opportunities to become a better artist and teacher. 
I look forward to the next level on the route this artistic path leads. It's been a fulfilling ride.  And to think this all started one rainy vacation day with my Aunt Honey, a few brushes, some acrylic paints, and a canvas.


Summer 1997
¨       Began painting during a rainy vacation day in Gulf Shores, Alabama



¨       Recreational painting for family, friends, co-workers, and myself, along with occasional commissioned paintings

¨       Immersing myself in the study of art by participating in workshops and classes offering various types of mediums and styles



¨       Registered as a seller on EBay using my brush name, Charlie Parlie

¨       Professionally promoted artwork for sale via online auctions

¨       Sold 140 paintings via EBay under my seller name charlieparlie

¨       Shipped each painting to various locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Jamaica

¨       Gained 100% positive feedback from delighted customers with only one neutral feedback


October 2000
¨       Signed contracts with Distinctive Note Cards (a division of E&T FTS Inc.) Ontario, Canada/Niagara Falls, New York for publication of two separate artworks made into cards

¨       These cards sold via various websites on the Internet and privately owned retail stores in Canada, USA, Japan, Australia, Germany, and UK

¨       Some proceeds from these cards were donated to Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue, CKCS Club of Ottawa, Healthy Hearts (UK), CARE, Pet Haven, and South Wales Rescue Club (Australia)


November 2000
¨       Invited by the owner of Seraphim Studios, LLC, Mrs. Diana Tatum, to show and sell artwork for a holiday craft sale at the Tatum Mansion in Hattiesburg, MS

¨       Sold many Christmas ornaments and small paintings


Summer 2001
¨       Designed and launched my website with ten pages and a link to paintings for sale via EBay

¨       Served as Webmaster, keeping the site updated until allowing my domain to expire in 2008


August 2002 – May 2007
¨       Began and sponsored the WJH Art Club

¨       Under my supervision and direction, students participated in yearly face painting at the March of Dimes Walk, competed in various art contests, decorated the official WJH Christmas tree with homemade clay painted ornaments, and displayed original artwork throughout campus


April 2004
¨       Asked by my principal to develop and teach an elective Art Program at WJHS
¨        I gladly accepted the challenge


May 2004
¨       Contacted by Lynn Endres, Referral Coordinator for the Tulsa Volunteer Center in Oklahoma to donate a painting for the annual fundraiser, Beach Blanket Bunco

¨       Painted, donated, and shipped a flamingo masterpiece to be presented at the silent auction


August 2004 – May 2007
¨       Established and taught a successful art program at WJH consisting of three levels:  beginner, intermediate, and advanced; over the course of one semester, students worked with many mediums:  paper, graphite, pastels, charcoal, clay, and paint, producing a minimum of 15 pieces to keep in their art portfolios

¨       Organized and exhibited over 450 pieces of my students’ artwork for six different art shows throughout this three year period


August 2004 – May 2005
¨       Completed 9 hours of visual art courses at Baton Rouge Community College; GPA 4.0


January 2005-Present
¨       Sold various artwork, paintings, and ornaments at the Seldom Seen Antiques Shop - Morning Dew Booth located in the Antique Village of Downtown Denham Springs, Louisiana


August 2006
¨       Passed the Art Content Knowledge PRAXIS Examination

¨       Added Art grades K-12 to my Louisiana Teaching Certificate

¨       Secured highly qualified status in art education


August 2007- May 2010
¨       Carried on the tradition of WJH's Art Program at the new replacement school, NCJH; continued an art curriculum consisting of paper, graphite, pastels, charcoal, clay, and paint, also incorporating historical values

¨       Organized and exhibited over 500 pieces of my students’ artwork for four different art shows throughout this three year period

¨       Uploaded and published 5,647 digital pictures of my students’ artwork on the website for global viewing, becoming NCJH’s 24/7 virtual art show and exhibit


March 2008
¨       My artwork was one of the 25 chosen (out of 10,424 pieces submitted to the “Feast for the Eyes” Artsonia Gallery) and used for the NAEA 2008 National Convention Commemorative Print


April 2009
¨       Asked  to judge three different juried art shows for talented art students

¨       Judged those art shows and was asked to repeat this honor in April 2010


May 2010
¨       Interviewed for a position to teach talented visual arts and was offered the job

¨       I excitedly accepted

June 2010
¨       Launched a new charlie Parlie Art website on exhibiting my online art portfolio


August 2010
¨       Sent one painting to be displayed and offered for sale in a group exhibit at Six By Six Gallery located in the Charmingwall Gallery, New York, New York - (It did sell!)

January 2011
"        Won 3rd place in the River Region Art Association's Click Art Contest for my photograph "Alone in the Playhouse"

UPDATE:  I have not been creating art in many years, but I am feeling motivated, and plan to create a few pieces every now and then!!!    charlie Parlie is back!  - September 2018


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I love your artwork and have "Moonlit Beach of Pink"--purchased when I lived in Georgia. I can't seem to find prices for your "Big Eyed Black Cats" and the "Starry Night Cats"
-- Mary Kelehan, 2/10/18