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You find the best stuff by accident it!
-- Rachel, 9/29/15

Really love your work
-- Gail Joss, 9/23/13

4-H members like your art work and have a tendency to mimic your style. Would you give permission to make their own version and display it in public but not offer it for sale?
-- Ruth Deutmeyer, 8/11/13

Your art is truely unique and refreshing. your photography is AMAZING as well. you are very talented and your paintings bring a new and relaxing feel to any room. Love your work. From a devoted fan.
-- Nell Denova, 2/27/12

Angelique Renee' Washingtonyour artistry is truly unique and inspiring...worlds apart from mine; but so much appreciated -- yet that's what makes us artist...lovely sparky body of work...
-- Angelique Renee' Washington, 8/18/11

Brandi.. This is really something to be proud of. I absolutely love all of your work. I read your bio and all the things that you have done. It is just amazing. I would have a fit if I could create something that made it to a greeting card?? Or get sent to a Gallery in NYC, NY? Wow. :) If you notice my personal email address, you will notice why I do love your work. I am a very happy person. Your colorful and lighthearted style is just very fun and comical. It is what I am... If these cats were just listening to music, they would be set!!!! ha.
-- Jennifer Brocksmith, 8/18/10

Let's get this party started!!!!! ... I'm the first to sign my guest book. Just a note: launched this website on Sunday, 6/13/10.
-- Brandi D, 6/15/10