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Directory of Louisiana artists

North America :: Louisiana

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Explore's Louisiana artist directory, discover and buy original art by Louisiana artists.

Philip Jaynes, ArtistOil paintings, watercolors, and charcoals.
Orenfique Designs..wearable art.Wearable art created for the women with unlimited style. Original designs, not seen anywhere else. All natural stones, accented in silver, and set in creativity.
RenaissancegalartNew Orleans Artist and Graphic Designer, the color artist, Blues Art
Andrea Brown's Outsider’s StudioArtist and curator, teacher too, Andrea Brown's Outsider's world showcases her many passions.
Sarah BrechtColorful paintings of people and food, gardens, and still lives.
CHARLIE PARLIEArt that's 100% unique & hand-painted; Never any prints, only one-of-a-kind, Original FUN art! Eye candy, yes indeed!
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