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Just completed a great class with Kit. Great instructor and great facilities. Would love to be part of your group.
-- Greg Ibbetson, 3/21/19

great works! I have an elephant fromLinda Edwards. It suffered some damage. Is it possible to get a similar one??
-- Adhemar Testa, 2/9/17

Thanks for the tour of the studio. It was very exciting to find such a place. Looking forward to the classes.
-- Jim Roberts, 10/2/13

So glad to see the site still going, the studio that we all created is thriving and that you all are having fun still! Blessings to everyone!
-- Lynn Schneidenbach, 6/18/11

Interested in your next Wheel Throwing class.
-- Linda Edwards, 10/16/10

Elaine, I am very impressed with your work.I knew you had artistic talent.I have to get a piece of yours.
-- Tina Henry, 12/27/09

We bought a horsehair raku today from you. We're interested in the handbuilding classes---so keep me posted. thanks!
-- Jane Lafazio, 10/17/09

I loved your open house last Friday night. Meeting so many of your wonderful artists really made it a great night. Keep up the creativity.
-- Kathy Llanos, 8/10/09

I'm new to the area and just came across your webiste, and I can't wait to stop by for a tour!
-- Mateo Estevan Solano, 7/7/09

BRAVO and congrats on the opening of the studio!! Best of luck on everything that you do.
-- Steven Branfman, 5/28/09

I would like to receive your monthly newsletter. Some really beautiful work. I like yours, Kit. Dee Durbin 5/11/09
-- Dee Durbin, 5/11/09

Great! My faves are the palm trees and the dancer - David, they're terrific! Thanks for sharing, Selina!
-- Viv, 5/6/09

I visited the studio at the vineyard. Looking for a studio space to work. It is such a beautiful place! I can't wait to join and work with all of the artists there! It was very nice to meet you Dexter. Thanks for the tour! I will be in touch with you soon!
-- Tess Israelson, 4/30/09

I found the art to be unique and wonderful. Please add me to elist. Thank you. Bobby
-- Bobby Martinez, 4/28/09

Nice work. Thanks for the "heads up" Selina.
-- Jim Richardson, 4/28/09

Congratulations David! Great Job!
-- Lizette Herrera, 4/28/09

Congratulations David-- This is a great start but the photos do not do justice to your work...Hope you get lots of buyers. Bibi
-- Bibi Kasrai, 4/28/09

Please add me to your monthly newsletter elist. Thank you.
-- Selina Hudgins, 4/21/09

How exciting for you all! Special congratulations to Pat! Love, Kathy and Mico
-- Kathy Llanos, 4/18/09

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Pottery Studio

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