Studio Membership

Our membership is full at this time.  You are welcome to fill out the 
application which will place you on a wait list. 

In the meantime, you are encouraged to enroll in one of our classes,
to connect with members and to become familiar with the studio.

Clay Artists at the Vineyard provides monthly memberships for clay artists with experience, can work independently and are willing to contribute to our cooperative.

As a member, you will have common access to our studio 7 days a week from 7:00 am - 8:00 pm.  (Excluding days the winery is closed) The studio offers the following:
  • 7 Shimpo Whisper Quiet Wheels
  • Shimpo Slab Roller
  • 2 Extruders
  • Pneumatic Sprayer
  • 3 Skutt electric kilns with weekly firings for both bisque and cone 6 glaze
  • Numerous pottery molds, forms, and other tools
  • Cone 5 - 6 clay bodies at discounted pricing
  • Storage area for your personal tools
  • Ability to sell pieces in our curated gallery with no incremental fee
  • Ability to exhibit and sell pieces in the studio sponsored booth at Bernardo Winery Craft Fairs, held twice per year.
The studio is a cooperative, with no paid management or staff and is an open studio with shared space.  It is operated by an annually elected Board of Directors, along with members. Our members all participate in keeping the studio and equipment safe, clean, and well maintained.  Members are required to participate in the glaze mixing, glaze maintenance, firing, cleaning, selling art, and assisting each other thoughtfully, while exploring the world of clay.

We do ask for a 6 month commitment.  Afterwards, it is month to month, with 30 day notice for changes. 

Unfortunately, we are not an appropriate home for production potters, however, if there is a special project in size or scope, personal member firings are available for an incremental fee.

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