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Clay Artists at the Vineyard

Artist directory :: Clay Artists at the Vineyard

Clay Artists at the Vineyard is a co-operative (coop) pottery studio dedicated to clay enthusiasts looking for an open studio environment where creativity and clay camaraderie exist. Located in a quaint building on the grounds of the Bernardo Winery in

Clay Artists at the Vineyard


Clay Artists at the Vineyard - Gallery Space 
In 2009 a group of ceramics enthusiasts united to form the clay artist cooperative (co-op) known now as the Clay Artists at the Vineyard. Their vision was to work together to operate a studio where members could create ceramic art and further their artistic passions. This studio was, and is, located on the grounds of the Bernardo Winery. Today there are over 35 members of two types: owner-members and contributing-members. Owner-members possess a stake in the co-op and have a say in its ownership and operations. Contributing members use and participate in operating the studio without having an ownership stake. There are three main objectives for the Clay Artists at the Vineyard co-op: Operate the studio for its members as intended by the founders, Offer...


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13330 Paseo del Verano Norte Ste. 4
San Diego, CA 92128
United States


Kit Ashley All work is created on the pottery wheel and altered.
Melinda Ashley 10 items
Denny Braun 11 items
Cindy Davis 2 items
Linda Edwards 47 items
Ann Misuraca Primarily wheel-thrown, functional items.
Linda Moore For pricing, please contact artist at:
Phyllis Sack 6 items
Lee Estes 6 items
Greg Ibbetson 7 items
Suzy Foran 5 items
Thursday Throwing and Handbuilding Class Classes may include beginners as well as experienced artists wanting a bit of extra help. The classes are small to allow for group and one on one instruction.
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