Survived the first gallery showing

It's been quite a whirlwind the last couple weeks. Feels like several months has gone by instead of only one since I started this website.

Well, it's been just over a week since the Chait Gallery Small Works Show. The week of the show was crazy. Chait had contacted me and asked if they could make my paintings into greeting cards to sell in the gallery. We discussed it and I signed a contract with them. So, the night of the opening I had my very own cards for sale. Very cool. Another great thing that happened was that the day before the show the local paper, the Press Citizen, published an article about the Small Works show in their weekend section. Guess who's painting was on the front cover in full color with her name printed big and bold.... 

The night of the opening, I knew there would be quite a few people in attendance. There were many people that had come up to me at work and said they were going to stop by along with several of my family members. When I got there, I was not prepared for the wall of people that had come out. It was amazing. There was a steady stream of people the entire night.

None of my paintings sold that night or won best in show, but I felt like winner. I received so much great feedback from everyone. There are so many opportunities and suggestions coming my way, with the help of my good friend, co-worker and promoter, Shanti, that I am not sure how to proceed. I'm a little overwhelmed.

To add to all this, I just got back yesterday from Dallas, TX. I went down for a long weekend to attend the opening of the 50/50 II show at The Soda Gallery. I got some really good responses to my work there as well. "Meditating Kelly" was sold while I was there. I was pretty excited.

So, now that I have those shows under my belt, maybe I can sit down and figure out what to work on next. Any suggestions?


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