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saw this and reminded me of you!
-- Ccw, 7/3/22

hello , i just purchased one of your photographs of peter johnson . would you be willing to sign it ? if so . . . i'd be extremely grateful . thank you .
-- Erik Sexton, 8/29/20

Wonderful of photo of Kerry!
-- Joshua Hassel, 10/17/15

Dear Cyn, The photo you did of me with Marty Kreloff showing off my photos of Dean Martin and the Flamenco Dancer at Marks party for Martin Kreloff was GREAT and I loved it ! ! I was disappointed that when you put it on face book that I couldn't comment on it or say that I liked it. Any how I do like it. Yours truly, Thom Elliott
-- Thom Elliott, 12/5/12

Great site! These images are priceless. What a great commitment in recording the lifestyle and rhythm of the city.
-- Nelson Viera, 12/3/10

Great site, Cyn. See you soon. Andrew
-- Andrew Delaplaine, 10/1/10

Friend of Eric Kroll's. I have a gallery, Ideal Glass, on East 2nd St. Come visit - my show, Saint Hollywood is running now. best, Will
-- Willard Morgan, 3/6/10

I CAN NOT find the pink shot - but I liked some of the others!
-- Sharon, 6/11/08

-- Giovanni, 5/16/08

-- Giovanni, 5/16/08

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