Hi, I didn't start to paint until after I was out of school.  Call me a 'late bloomer' I guess.  I saw an exhibit of the painter Toulouse-Lautrec & after reading about him, I kind of identified with him.  I'm the runt of my litter.  At the time, I couldn't tell a Van Gogh from a Picasso, so I started to buy books on artist's lives & tried to paint like them .  I love the act of painting, the smell of the paint itself.  My  Inspirations are too numerous to list, but here are a few of my favorities:  Picasso,  Francis Bacon, Julian Schnabel,& my hairless American terrier, Nica.  Ciao!

Work exhibited:  San Diego Museum of Art, Oceanside Museum of Art, Riverside Museum of Art, Escondido Performing Arts Center, Athenaeum Music & Arts Library,  SD Art Institute,  San Diego County Fair, Best of show 2003.
Featured Artist & Work chosen for official SD Art Walk T-shirt, 2004.
Featured in 'Our People,Our Places A San Diego Photo Story' A collection of's best photography  by Sam Hodgson Published 2011.
Painting "Back Rub" featured on cover of SD CityBeat.                                                
. Some paintings available in San Diego at L'Atelier art gallery, 2655 Reynard Way, Mission Hills 92103. (858) 336-6332.)I also from my studio (studio visit) in San Diego, Calif. & online at Saatchi Dan Adams.  


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