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Dan Adams

Artist directory :: Dan Adams

Self taught painter.

Dan Adams


Dan Adams 
Hi, I didn't start to paint until after I was out of school. Call me a 'late bloomer' I guess. I saw an exhibit of the painter Toulouse-Lautrec &after reading about him, I kind of identified with him. I'm the runt of my litter. At the time, I couldn't tell a Van Gogh from a Picasso, so I started to buy books on artist's lives &tried to paint like them . I love the act of painting, the smell of the paint itself. My Inspirations are too numerous to list, but here are a few of my favorities: Picasso, Francis Bacon, Julian Schnabel,& my hairless American terrier, Nica. Ciao! Work exhibited: San Diego Museum of Art, Oceanside Museum of Art, Riverside Museum of Art, Escondido Performing Arts Center, Athenaeum Music &Arts Library, SD Art Institute,...


Artwork This gallery is a sample of my paintings. I paint whatever interests me. My other galleries are my paintings by subject matter or size.
Ten inch square Paintings  Paintings of various subjects on 10"x10" canvas
Dog Series Paintings using dogs as subject matter. Some are available for purchase at my studio in San Diego, Calif. &online at Saatchi Dan Adams.
"Family" These paintings are inspired by some old black &white photo's of my family when I was growing up. They include myself, my parents &my younger brother, Steve.
My photography between paintings When I'm not painting I try my hand at taking photo's.
My Studio Images from my studio
"Dog Park" Series Series of Paintings showing people with dogs. All paintings Oil/canvas 8"x10" These paintings are all available for purchase online at: Saatchi Dan Adams.
" Beach Series" Paintings involving the beach..
2015 Cannon Gallery Invitational 55 of my small paintings included in this exhibition.
Nica my muse Nica my muse is in heaven 2001 - 2013
"Menagerie" Oil Paintings of toy cars, knickknacks, whatever.
"Figure Series" All paintings Oil/canvas 8"x10"
"Mayonnaise" series Acrylic &Oil paintings on board. All 8"x8" 2012
"Cityscapes" All paintings Acrylic/canvas 6"x6"
"Primate Series" 2007 Five paintings using primates as subject matter. All done in 2007
"Six Inch Square Paintings" These paintings were featured in a solo exhibit of mine. 22 were sold during the exhibit.
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