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Dan your work is so inspirational! I am enthalled by the style you've been developing. Every museum should have one of your works! Bravo!
-- Kathy Marie Kenyon, 6/28/19

Valery LarsonI love the beauty and simplicity of your art work. I am a fellow zhibitor and am excited to share information on an upcoming artist tour to Oxford, England. You can check it out at www.creativeartbreak.com. It's an inspirational city that truly captures the heart.
-- Valery Larson, 6/26/19

still trying on dead dog Eddie...I have to visit here to remind myself of your work.
-- Ca York, 7/4/17

I've been trying to paint dead dog aka Eddie. I't been a few years...after viewing your dog series....
-- Ca York, 11/12/16

SO COOL, Dan. This is a great site and it's such a joy to see so much of your work anytime I want to. I enjoy my "Samson" every day. LOVE "Walking to China" - don't recall seeing this one before. Kudos, as always.
-- Kathy Mcchesney, 6/11/15

Dan- You and your work are nothing short of Awesome. I am a real fan of your work! Wish you would put up a price list.
-- Kathy Marie Kenyon, 6/1/14

your work is beautiful
-- Michelle Stuart, 5/24/14

Your painting is wonderful. Reminds me of Robert Hamilton from Maine. I am teaching myself to paint, and you give me such inspiration and hope!
-- Gail Simmons, 3/21/14

You are the most sophisticated self taught artist. Love all your paintings!
-- Sara Raintree, 1/27/14

refreshing and brilliant
-- Tony Ziegler, 9/1/13

You seem to snatch the essence of your subject with deft sensitivity. I love to look at your work.
-- Judy Hope, 7/16/13

Love your work!!!
-- Carlos Filipe, 4/12/13

Many of these are just simple and funny. They caught my eye. Galleries need more of this kind of work! I see a dash of F. Bacon and a speck of MIlton Avery - Mary (www.marycleeart.com)
-- Mary C. Lee, 7/7/12

excellent work, really beautiful paintings. very much an inspiration for my own work.
-- Adam Hyde, 4/18/12

What a wonderful way to get to see the spectrum of your work. The themes that have caught your fancy are evocotive. I'm a long time fan.
-- Blaize Mekinna, 2/29/12

really great
-- Lisa Kohl, 2/23/12

I am a proud collector of 3 of Dan's work. They are so beautiful as the light changes through out the day. I never tire of them. They have such Character!
-- Therese Cipiti Herron, 2/4/12

Wonderful work - - so expressive. There is much depth to your work. Thank you for helping us to see.
-- Pearl Camacho, 11/30/11

great dogs!,,,
-- Fred Marinello, 9/15/11

Love your work, very original and fun!
-- Jan, 6/28/11

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