Artist Statement
I create acrylic paintings that are best described as abstract landscapes. The images are recognizable but abstracted and stylized to create an imaginary landscape that is open to the viewer’s interpretation.  A common theme in my work is the lyrical patterns created by natural elements such as wind, water, wings, foliage, and clouds. These natural forms ebb and flow as they fade in and out from the gold background. The palette incorporates colors from nature such as turquoise, aqua, and earthy tones combined with metallic gold, black and white. The ethereal quality of the colors and the paint application contribute to the dreamlike atmosphere of the paintings. I believe in the symbolic power of universal images and hope to engage the viewer to feel the mood and sense of place in my paintings. My goal is to create an uplifting visual experience that encourages the viewer’s interpretation and evokes an emotional response.


I grew up in, outside of, and around Philadelphia, Buenos Aires, and the Bronx. I moved to Sonoma County, California in 1999 and now happily live and work in Oakland, California since 2006. I've been painting since my early teens, having studied with several artists,(including Ann Balbirnie, Diana Dowek, and Alfredo Benavidez Bedoya) in their studios both in the United States and Buenos Aires, Argentina, before enrolling at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, where I received a B.F.A. in 1998...I moved to Sonoma County, California in 1999 where I was impressed deeply by the landscape, soaking up the fresh air, views, picnics, the coast, campfires, wine tasting, swimming....I even painted landscapes for a couple years. In 2006, a swing back to city life, moving here to Oakland, I feel invigorated by the energy of flux, the blossoming potential in this city, a haven of beauty amidst a truly diverse metropolis. Since 2007 My partner Travis Kuhl and I have owned and operated a gallery and frame shop in Uptown Oakland, Kuhl Frames + Art. See more about our business at www.kuhlframes.com



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