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Elisa Carozza

Artist directory :: Elisa Carozza


Elisa Carozza 
Artist Statement I create acrylic paintings that are best described as abstract landscapes. The images are recognizable but abstracted and stylized to create an imaginary landscape that is open to the viewer’s interpretation. A common theme in my work is the lyrical patterns created by natural elements such as wind, water, wings, foliage, and clouds. These natural forms ebb and flow as they fade in and out from the gold background. The palette incorporates colors from nature such as turquoise, aqua, and earthy tones combined with metallic gold, black and white. The ethereal quality of the colors and the paint application contribute to the dreamlike atmosphere of the paintings. I believe in the symbolic power of universal images and hope to engage the...


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Bend, OR 97702
United States


Veil The Veil series of paintings are invented landscapes. They depict atmospheric spaces inhabited by natural forms and archetypal elements, using colors that hold emotional resonance for me. The gold is transformative and represents a sort of alchemical force intersecting the plane of the image, weaving through, in and out to the edges.
Flights calligraphic, graffiti-like, abstract marks, personal, mythological symbol systems (for now, birds, nets, boats, mountains, fire, trees), and a metaphysical sense of "place" related to thresholds, transitional spaces, using "threshold" colors that hold emotional resonance for me (deep red-violet-brown, turquoise, earth colors, white, black, gold, scarlet red)
Threshold Transitional spaces, an image that is just perceptible as being "something" but ultimately unknowable, teetering on the threshold of existence.
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Thanks to all who visited me this year for ProARTS 2015 East Bay Open Studios! Coming up this September-October 2015 Exhibit + reception at Rosenblum Tasting Room, Jack London Square, Oakland.

"Veiled #12" featured on wine label for Eden Canyon Vineyards
It is an honor for me to have my painting featured on the label for Eden Canyon Vineyards 2010 "Freedom from the Press" Cabernet Sauvignon. This 100% free-run estate cabernet sauvignon has been aged 24 months in French oak barrels and is just being released now.

Winter Open Studio:new paintings + studio sale, Sat Dec 18, 11-5
Tomorrow Saturday Dec 18th will the last day of my open studio event. I'll be painting in my studio on the mezzanine at our shop, Kuhl Frames + Art, from 11-5. Please join me for some holiday cheer.

the wonderful world of polymers
i am loving my new medium, acrylic paint. i can work faster and create great textures. i finished 12 small panels ("flights") a few weeks ago.

the new stuff....
working on new paintings in a series i think will be called "threshold" or "thresholds". "what is it?" is a question i ask myself often while painting these canvases, also "what am i doing?" .....i suppose the point is that i've been determined lately to paint very instinctually.... just paint, move the paint around as it feels right it simple expressionism? maybe.

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