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Directory of Pennsylvania artists

North America :: Pennsylvania

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BLUEBIRD TEXTILESReproduction antique doll clothes made for Bleuette or other similar 11" antique dolls. Using the original patterns from La Semaine De Suzette (a French magazine for children 1905-1958) I re-create costumes using the finest fabrics,lace,hand embellishment.
 SouthHouse Studio: the art and writing of  Barbara Rizza MellinCapturing the beauty of the extraodinary and the everyday in art and literature. Painting, printmaking, poetry. Writing about the arts and travel.
The Art of J.E. CrumI believe art has the power to bring positivity and happiness to the world. When I create my work I enjoy getting lost in the process as my artworks evolve. Check out my ongoing collection and contact me if you like what you see! Thanks, J.E. Crum
Joyce Harris MayerArchival pigment prints by Joyce Harris Mayer.
Peter HatgelakasPHAT ART STUDIO Modern painter of dreams and impressions, with bright vibrant colors, broad and decisive brush strokes, and impasto. Many hundreds of works in inventory to choose from.
Melvin Wallace ClarkI am an Artist. I work in oil paints and other paint mediums. I also have produced hand pulled limited edition prints. Music is often a motif in my creative work.
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