the wonderful world of polymers

i am loving my new medium, acrylic paint. i can work faster and create great textures. i finished 12 small panels ("flights") a few weeks ago. and am working on six 20" x 20" canvases,("ponds") and i've started 12" x 12" panels, which have yet to reveal what they will be. 

also, color is back, i am loving oranges, reds, blues and greens. definitely warmer palettes are emerging as i progress. 


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Hi Elisa, Funny - I've been working in acrylics for years (ever since we moved out here 14 years ago and I didn't have good ventilation for oils), but your work inspired me to get back to my oil roots. I will still do both! I just LOVE your flights series. And congrats on your new space (Dana mentioned to me last night at Garibaldi's). I'll be checking back in!
-- Larissa, 8/13/08

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