Original Paintings Original Paintings
I have always painted since a very young age but after years as a graphic designer and editorial illustrator for The Miami Herald the end of the printed word came before me and since my retirement in 2011, I started painting what has always been my passion, abstract art. I have been painting non-stop from my home studio ever since.
In this page you will find a collection of some of my favorite work, if you purchase one of my artwork pieces (original or prints) an authenticity certificate will be included.
All my paintings are sold signed and unframed, although some are shown here with a frame, it's for display purposes only.

Digital Paintings Digital Paintings
Digital paintings reproduced in Photoshop by using bits and pieces of my own artwork. Some of these digital paintings take quite a long time due to the positioning, light and textures of each layer of work individually. If you purchase one of these printed pieces an authenticity certificate will be included, for each one is an original signed painting in itself. These paintings are printed on canvas paper and shipped unframed via USPS, shipping and handling is not included.

Digitized Photos Digitized Photos
Through Photoshop I combine sections of my paintings and photos that my wife and I have taken during our travels. I can comfortably enlarge them to 18"x 24" although the majority of my sales have been at the original 11"x14" size. Authenticity certificate included.

Photo Restorations Photo Restorations
I use Photoshop to repair damaged photos, what I'm showing here is a before and after series of photos I have repaired or altered, in some cases I've been requested to remove and alter a persons anatomy in other cases I had to recreate parts of a persons anatomy and even repair or alter the background.