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Love your art. We still have some of your drawings at the cabin in the conejos river valley. Remember Paul and I from Colorado?
-- Virginia Allen, 9/5/13

Hi Eddy, Found your art and would love to find you and Cindy again. Hope all is well. Jan
-- Janet Lackey, 3/14/12

Ed! Hey man how's it going! I love the artwork and had no idea back in the D & B days you did this. I hope the years have been kind and I think it's cool you're persuing your dream! Later, Bob
-- Bob Martocchio, 3/16/11

Found your site by accident, I really love your style of work.
-- Gill Martin, 7/28/10

I own some of your work and woud love to be updated on the new arrivals.
-- Dacia Fletcher, 4/25/10

What beautiful work! I'm so happy to see what joy the years have brought you!
-- Missy, 9/20/09

Hi, met you during the hottest day of this summer in Talkeetna, what a lovely day! Bought some cards and am interested in an 8 x 10 with the moose and Pioneer Peak. Would like to pick it up in the near future, I come out there on weekends. Julie
-- Julie Hulst, 8/15/09

The red matted turtle print arrived in excellent condition yesterday, the same day I arrived home (Tulsa, OK) from Talkeetna. Thanks for the great customer service. My musher niece was very pleased with the dog team in moonlight print. I'll watch your website from Oklahoma!
-- Judy, 6/27/09

Beautiful!! I enjoyed the gallery.
-- Pamella, 2/2/09

Beauriful way of looking at life.
-- Teresa, 1/28/09

really beautiful website. glad we have the same surname :) best regards from over the sea
-- Anna Zegzdryn , 11/8/08

i absolutely love your web site! so easy to navigate!
-- Awna, 9/14/08

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