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Alaskan Artist Ed Zegzdryn - Fiery Arts Studio

Artist directory :: Alaskan Artist Ed Zegzdryn - Fiery Arts Studio

My goal is to seek out the beautiful in the natural world around me, and interpret it through my brush.

Alaskan Artist Ed Zegzdryn - Fiery Arts Studio


Edward M. Zegzdryn 
I traveled extensively as a child, living in many different areas of the country, and overseas. This exposure to different cultures and regions instilled in me a love for the natural beauty around me. One only needs to look closely. In fact, being an artist really means being a keen observer. To look at something and see past the superficial, to delve deeply into its structure and colors, to take what I see and turn it into something beautiful, that is my greatest joy. My family and teachers encouraged me to become an artist. I attended the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida and graduated in 1975 with a degree in Commercial Art/Illustration. Over the years I have continued to create, always seeking to express the beauty of nature through...


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P.O. Box 229
Palmer, AK 99645
United States


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