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Gabriela I saw your Encaustic pieces on our recent vacation to Palm Desert. I am an artist and did my masters thesis in Encaustic wax collage. The university I went to did not teach encaustics so I did a lot of independent studies. I bought every book and video on the market and went full tilt for two years experimenting to see what was possible with the medium. I have seen a lot of other Encaustic artists work over the years. Your work stands above anything I have ever seen done with the medium. The subtle color shifts and surface pattern you accomplish really blew me away!!! The photographs of your work do not do it justice as it is very difficult for the camera to capture the layering and depth. Your work was truly inspiring. I can’t wait to come back next year and see where encaustics take you! Sincerely Sharon Mirtaheri
-- Sharon Mirtaheri, 6/6/19

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