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jeremy firehammer

Artist directory :: jeremy firehammer

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                         jeremy firehammer


Firehammer Studios 
Our art is a stone inlay technique that combines the disciplines of mosaic, relief and sculpture. The process consists of hand cutting, shaping, polishing and setting numerous pieces of stone and stainless steel into a distinct shape and design. The cut pieces of stone and steel are held together with adhesives and gaps are filled with grout and epoxies. We use a variety of stone from all parts of the world. Granite, marble, slate, limestone, travertine, soapstone, alabaster and onyx are examples. All of these stones have a diversity of colors, distinct striations and different densities. All of our art is created through a collaboration of thoughts, ideas and craftsmanship. Every aspect of our art is a collaborative, husband and wife effort, from...


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Fallbrook, CA
United States


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