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In 2010, we bought two of your pieces, Stormy Seas & Evening View, in Boulder Colorado. They are still the most beautiful and commented-upon pieces in our home. Just wanted to say hello!
-- France & Alice Davis, 10/23/21

Your talent is immeasurable and your pieces soothe my soul.
-- Kristina Mermelstein , 7/13/21

We met briefly at Hardwood Source the other day. You spoke to my nephew at length
-- Paul Tordella, 1/3/20

San Diego, would love to keep in contact. Aunt Joyce
-- Joyce Meissler, 12/31/17

-- Nidia.Lohr@gmail.Com, 8/25/17

great artwork
-- Steve, 6/9/17

Great meeting you both at the Palm Springs Art Fair. Please stay in touch as you look for the right gallery in Los Angeles. I was serious about helping you both. Paul
-- Paul Michelson, 2/17/17

I purchased one of Jeremy's works called "Journey" in 2003. It remains my favorite in my collection. Even after 13 years I still discover a new narrative when I look at it. Very sweet.
-- Duncan Graham, 5/21/16

Incredible Work. Excited to see more:)
-- Meegan Byers, 3/18/16

Gabriela we've just bought one of your paintings from Battersea art fair. It was an instant love so thank you!
-- Eloise Campion , 12/3/15

Gabriela - I just love my painting. Every time I look at it I see something different. It is really beautiful! Keep up your good work.
-- Judy Saner, 1/18/15

I am sitting in St. Joseph Mercy in Michigan, waiting to see my uncle after surgery. I have been staring at Olas for the past two hours. Just wanted to say thanks for your artwork, your ingenuity and your creativity. Even with the uneasy feeling of a hospital waiting room, your art has humbled me. Thank you.
-- Megin, 9/4/13

Love your work. May want to purchase a piece by Christmas. Interested in learning this craft.
-- Kristy Barbier, 7/19/12

Excellent blend of natural textures, colors, and shapes. I have multiple pieces and everyone of them adds an eye catching accent to the rooms they occupy.
-- Dennis Laczny, 7/5/10

I enjoyed viewing your work yesterday in Ft Worth and visiting with you about your design/build process. Back when I was coming out of architectural undergrad I was not aware of other ways than being a traditional architect to make a living with architectural training and went in a totally unrelated career direction. So it is always nice to see how others have done so.We have a nice art festival (Art in the Square) here in Southlake (close to DFW airport) that you may want to consider in future yrs. Held week after Ft Worth show so some synergy. Very nice...keep up the good work.
-- Mike Mills, 4/12/10

The Firehammer artwork represents a beautiful marriage of the sculptural & 2D, natural materials & precision acumen, and the abstract & recognizable forms that speak to the very foundation of visual art. I have one of their pieces and it brings joy and cerebral excitement every time I see it. Bravo
-- Patrick Yore, 5/26/09

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