Albany Center Gallery Member Show


Today, I submitted this painting, "Avoidance/Attachment", to the Albany Center Gallery Members Show, which begins December 1, 2023.  This piece is a part of "The Fog of Love" series, and will likely be the first of that series to be shown in public.


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Coming Soon...


A new series of paintings inspired by terms from this book.


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Painting on a Rainy Saturday


It is a cool, rainy Saturday.  What better to do than paint. 


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One Year Later...


One year ago, I started painting a series that would be called "Studies for the Soul", jump-started by a conversation between myself and a friend looking at the Isamu Noguchi sculptures, "Studies for the Sun".  I have now 3 galleries of about 35 paintings.  This has been one of my most fruitful years of paintings, in terms of volume and quality.  


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