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Ford P R McLain

Artist directory :: Ford P R McLain

The artwork of Ford P. R. McLain, including items for sale.

Ford P R McLain


Ford P. R. McLain 
Ford P. R. McLain is a primitive-abstract painter living in Albany, New York. He is both a descendent of Italian immigrants and a son of the American Revolution. His influences include Paul Gauguin (his gateway painter), painters of the New York School of the 1940s and 1950s (Gorky, deKooning, Frankenthaler, Pollock, Mitchell, Kline, et al.), jazz musicians Charles Mingus and Miles Davis, playwright Sam Shepard, and filmmakers David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick. He began as a primitive painter, but in late 2013 McLain moved into abstract painting. Many of McLain’s paintings contain themes of spiritual liberation through the nexus of creativity and sexuality, as well as the connections between a painter and his muses (of which he has had a few). McLain’s...


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Albany, NY
United States


Paintings for Our Time Paintings created during the period of the 2020 covid-19 Pandemic (April 2020 - ?)
The Crimson Muse Paintings and other work inspired by my Crimson Muse.
Coffee Time! Paintings about Metaphysics
Soul Trip A series of paintings about a road trip of sorts.
The Red Series Painted in the summer of 2017, using oils and mixed media, this is a new direction for my primitive abstract art.
Nuova Musa, Nuove Visioni Una nuova galleria dedicata di gratitudine verso una nuova ispirazione artistica.
Abstracts In the fall of 2013, I began painting abstract pieces.
Madri, Muse e Amanti This gallery is dedicated to work that will be shown in my December solo show at The Wine Bar and Bistro on Lark. The pieces that are in here now will be shown. More pieces will follow.
The Sultry Muse A gallery of paintings inspired by my Sultry Muse.
Paintbrush A series of paintings involving a green paintbrush.
Paintings A general catalogue of paintings
Still Life Pieces Exclusively still-life paintings.
Going Blue More risque or erotic art...definitely not for the kids.
Sketches 11 items
The Sultry Muse - June 2012  The June 2012 show at the Wine Bar and Bistro on Lark is called, “The Sultry Muse,” and is dedicated to one major emotional and painting influence in Ford McLain’s life. “The Sultry Muse” continues to play on the concepts of liberation and redemption as well as glorify the link between creative passion and erotic passion.
The Road Trip Years 2009-2011 Paintings create between 2009 and 2011 that focused on seeking out the open road, sexual liberation, and escape. Not all paintings from the time period are in this gallery, just those that have the common theme.
Unavailable Pieces Pieces that are unavailable for sale.
Il Pittore Photographs of the Painter in his natural environment, done with an LG Android Prism II.
Works in Progress A gallery of works as they are being painted. Photos will be updated over time.


The Cloister on a Sunday Morning
Now that I have finished my large nude ("Il Ritorno Della Musa Cremisi"), I am working on a multimedia abstract. This should take me into the new year.

T-shirts for Sale
I have made a t-shirt for my painting operation. On the back it includes my mantra and website. I am thinking $20 is a reasonable price.

Sunday Times
Sunday NYT Cigar, coffee, and VU - Clouds obscure blue. (c) fprm, 8-22-21

Dance Haiku
Circles, splatters, lines; She dances and interprets: Paintings come alive! (c) fprm, 8-12-21

New Painting Project
Yesterday I started work on a new painting. It will be figurative and allusive and a bit erotic. And, it will take a little more planning and deliberation than my large abstracts.

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